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Some of my "favourites":

You know it's gone too far when the authorities consider white people to be fucked up.

So that's what the whole "designate Antifa as a terrorist group" is about. Trying to get out ahead.

Interesting, they don't seem to know it already IS designated as one...

Right-wing radio LOVES talking about the deep state. Rush & Hannity and all those other yahoos are domestic terrorists.

Lmao, this guy can't even SEE outside the box... probably would be like "Q what?" "Alex Jones who?".

Jesus Christ America. Can you even try to have some pride in your country and yourself and not fall for obvious idiots encouraging violence on the internet?

Pot, I'd like you to meet kettle.

What was their first clue? Like the actual bombs they send?

Lmao... I must have missed the "actual" ones... any validity to this?

On the one hand, this is true.

On the other hand, high level concern about deepfakes, conspiracies, etc. - I wonder how exactly how many powerful people are concerned about what's in Jeffrey Epstein's files and safes, and how many of them are pre-emptively seeking ways to discredit what may emerge.

Had to go half-way down to even find a single grain of sanity.

That much collective stupidity is unquestionably dangerous, to themselves and others.

Oh back to it - that's the line I was waiting for "dangerous to selves and others" - that is what they want.

Wasn't QAnon the driving force behind Pizzagate? If so, they LITERALLY got someone to drive to a pizza parlor with a gun and demand to see a nonexistent basement. This situation could have ended much worse than it did. That sounds like terror threats.

uhm, wow - these people are literally misinformed and the cog. diss. is so strong, they would probably attack me if I tried to help them understand the facts.

Fuck the world.