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Russell Brand allegations mean entertainment industry has questions to answer - Cleverly

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Why not include the actual investigation?

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Good idea. Done!

Funny how the original article says "Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse", as though someone just casually came forward with the allegations and it wasn't the result of a five year study by the media organizations digging through hundreds of accounts.

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As if evidence can't be planted over decades in order to control someone who is famous, and therfore dangerous.

If a girl went to a rape center 20 years ago why was there not a criminal indictment 20 years ago?

If you don't have a problem with how absurd that story is you have to be a shill.

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A white conservative dared to post his videos on the internet and must be silenced.

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    Because that's what a liberal is. Trump is more of a liberal than Biden or Hilary were. The left is not liberal at all anymore. The ONLY thing liberal about them at this point is that they strive for diversity and inclusion, but they have used authoritarian methods to get there, which is anti-liberal.

    Russell Brand, Jordan Peterson, Bill Maher are all classic liberals that realized how anti-liberal the left has become. They are not conservatives (Peterson is just a bit in that he believes in some traditional Judeo-Christian values), they are liberals.

    Liberalism means free speech, capitalism, freedom OF religion (not freedom from religion), tolerance of alternative thoughts and ideas, individual rights, free enterprise, and the right to private property. Which of these strikes you as what the left currently fights for?

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    Have you ever watched anything he has produced? He is as radical left as it got 20 years ago. He pushes every retarded hippie talking point. He overlooks facts and history to claim marxist ideas are good, and if we all came together it would all work and create a utopia. He regularly argues emotions over facts.

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    I mean, he's also a total sex creep.

    And he has been a public sex creep for a long long time.

    So the Illuminati smear of Brand only works if you agree that it's a bad thing to be a sex creep. If you don't think it's bad to be rapey, then you can easily convince yourself that he did nothing wrong.

    Personally I do think that it's bad to be a rapey sex creep. So, the Illuminati smear is working on me

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    Every person in Hollyweird is a creepy sex freak.

    It's the only way to climb the ladder in Hollyweird.

    If you're not a freaky person, you will not make it in Hollyweird... There are very few exceptions to this rule.

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    In that case, hopefully Brand's victims coming forward like this, can convince the other victims too.

    If you have any personal experience then please share it.... otherwise I think that you're just repeating back 4chan memes you read, rather than saying somethin that's true

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    Mr brand is no predator.. no way.. I have known predators. I've known assassins. I've known rapists. I've known real child molesters. I've known kidnappers.

    One of my serial killer friends was so brutal he would mutilate the girls with a knife while they were alive.

    He was for real only too real.

    The funny thing about people like you is that if I told you an exact address where there is a serial killer holding people captive, you wouldn't walk up to the door and ring the doorbell to save their lives.

    So please continue saving the world by destroying Mr brand.

    No sorry I didn't learn what I know from a meme on 4chan.

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    You're kinda revealing that you haven't looked at the evidence, at the dispatches or times pieces, at their extensive research and testimony.

    I bet it's really easy for you to say "nah no way he didn't do it" before you actually look at the evidence

    One girl was 16

    Another has medical documents showing her receiving rape treatment the day after he raped her

    You can't just say "I feel like he didn't do it" when there's evidence counter to your feelings.

    Oh, and yeah, unless you have direct evidence to share about Hollywood, I don't need you repeating 4chan memes back to me

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    Oh, and yeah, unless you have direct evidence to share about Hollywood

    Well obviously you don't know much about me now do you? And for being such a dumbass you're getting a big nothing Burger.

    If you want to see some real sex freaks, take a look at this..

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    That's fine. So what did you think about the link I shared to The Times article which has pretty extensive reporting and testimony from his rape victims

    have known predators. I've known assassins. I've known rapists. I've known real child molesters. I've known

    Okay so what did you think about the reports from his many rape victims. Did they ring true with your extensive experience

    What about the 16 year old who he used to refer to as "The Child"

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      The reason he isn't a child rapist is due to the laws around age of consent in the UK. Had he carried out the exact same acts elsewhere, and the only difference was location, then he'd officially be a child rapist

      That's certainly less than 15 miles.

      Also, one of his victims has medical paperwork showing that she received rape treatment the morning after he raped her.

      Feels a hell of a lot less than 15 miles

      His proximity to you or I is 0.2mm

      You, maybe, dipshit. I have far less in common with that moronic, conspiritard rapist

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      Hey why don't you go f*** yourself with a wire toilet brush?

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      A few minutes ago you seemed really certain that Brand was innocent. Now that I've linked you to some evidence, like the fact that one woman has medical records showing her getting rape treatment - did that cause you to review your opinion, at all?

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      When I was younger I had a girlfriend and she could suck my cum and guess what I'd eaten for breakfast earlier that day

      She could always pick out when i had a Hawaiian pizza with a pineapples on it

      She was very talented

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      She had lunch with you, bumbass

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      No that's not really what happened I swear to God this girl and she was a sparkly cute as you could imagine she would suck my cum and I swear to God she told me she said have you been eating pineapple and I said yeah I had Hawaiian pizza she said I knew it

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      Did you touch you dick with your unwashed hand after eating?

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      Before eating during eating after eating?


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      There's a big difference between being a creep or screwing around and being a rapist.

      The fact you are trying to confuse them all says no good thing about you.