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The Clovehitch Killer is just a well written, directed, and acted film that I feel deserves a wider audience, but otherwise is non-woke which itself is refreshing.

Sorry to hear that Nefarious is a let down. I was looking forward to it.

Sound Of Freedom a such an emotional film with such a strong "message" that it lies outside of any sort of woke labeling. Assuming the events depicted are accurate -- and at this point I have yet to see anything that contests those events or the people involved -- then this is an important movie for all sorts of reasons that transcend any political or anti-political posturing.

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Just my opinion on Nefarious, so YMMV. The Rite from 2011 is much better if you want to see something along those lines.

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I just watched Nefarious and I was impressed. Tight script, not a wasted line of dialogue, good casting (the leads at least), and it moved right along. The ending was weak but really the movie is about the interaction of the 2 main character and that's what's I'll remember. Not a half-baked ending that does a unremarkable, cliched job of tying up the story. I'm still trying to figure out WTF Glen Beck's character's purpose was. I think I get what they were going for but sometimes the lack of a resolution detracts rather than adds to the story. This is one of those.

I don't agree with the assertion that it has an anti-woke or any message. The little bit those topics came up was to provide material for discussion to continue to move the characters and the story forward. The worst I'd say is that the topics are trendy right now and choosing them was easy or lazy. But it could have been literally anything and it would not have changed the movie at all IMO.

Hats off to the writer and director. It's rare to come across such focused, purposeful movie making any more. Not a great film but much better than I expected even before I saw your initial comments. But I am going to check out The Rite next, thanks for the suggestion.

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Okay, glad to hear you liked it. I watched it a while ago, it's possible I was a bit harsh. Once the >! demon started referencing things like BLM directly, it got to be too literal for me. Not that I support BLM's hypocrisy, but it seemed too on-the-nose and presumptuous. The anti-abortion talking points also seemed recycled from any one of a dozen conservative Youtuber scripts. !< But who knows, maybe I'll revist it in future and change my opinion.

Don't go in with too high expectations for The Rite. As I recall its final act is a bit weak as well.

One other top-notch, no-budget thriller that not a lot of people have seen and I absolutely love is The Pact (2012) with Caity Lotz.