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      i would not believe a word that he says in the above video.. this thorium is so dangerous.. omg, we are destroying the planet.. it is our children and our children's children that will suffer, not us, and not the man in the video..

      maybe we just need to turn off the cars and the ships...

      maybe we need to stop shipping products around the world and let china produce what china consumes and let united states produce what the united states consumes..

      for the children, stop thinking with your wallets.

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      Can you explain why it is so dangerous?
      (Otherwise it is just spam)

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      can you explain why it is safe? i bet that you can.. but if you take a quick google search for "thorium danger", you will be busy reading for a while.

      fuck you and your spam comment.

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      I don't know how safe it is. But compared to Uranium it might be a lot safer.
      This link seems informative.

      Compared to candle-wax, probably a lot more dangerous.

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      thorium danger

      I did a quick google, and it said "massive amounts" "large amounts" etc. Thorium is pretty darn safe. if a reactor blew up, no one nearby would be at any risk beyond falling debris.

      Ranty spam, for sure

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      This seems a lot better than Uranium.
      The reason Uranium was commonly chosen, was due to the possibility to make nuclear bombs.

      I only wonder about the nuclear waste, but it seems that Thorium gives a different nuclear waste.
      Does anyone know more about what waste is produced and how long it will be radioactive/poisonous?

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      I don't want to you to feel stretched but i can tell tell you this reaction left alpha state long ago.

      As usual it was a German idea.