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    There is no economy that would be able to compete with a nuclear economy

    But not just regular nuclear, which has toxic waste.

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    Sounds too good for TPTB to allow it.

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    I know who will hate this post. :)

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    u/chop_chop won't dislike it I think

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    Put the waste in soy. 2 birds - 1 stone.

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    Do i look like that? I TEACH physics. From a point of MATH. So thanks but NO THANKS. People either listen or they burn in space. Fuck them because there is no heroism there.

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    I tend to forget to put /s. Clearly waste doesn't matter. The very little that there is is irrelevant. Here's another one: We should give the waste to terrorists. It would keep them occupied and they would end up just giving themselves thyroid cancer at most. Reason:

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    Mostly tech is invented by Germans. Then all your US-american asses come and try to monopolize it.

    You know what ? 98 % of times your are sucking me off anyway. We are the "go to guys" in tech. I'm 39 right now and mostly imo you can jerk yourself off. I got a diploma in math. What in fact is your excuse?

    Of course i need a team of engineers to help me. To advise me.

    I'm a fucking German. As long as my foreman stays the same, i will build it. I'm home at math; So of course i need a team. I never will ignore well placed advice. From engineers.

    The Finns signed a contract (18 years ago: AND NO: I'm not Siemens) and they got me.I'm their asset because i'm the only guy on this construction that actually can explain what is happening.

    Because i know survey, construction and physics(math not to mention), all the same basically:

    Better than you.They payed. They get their money's worth. I'm always well payed, maybe somehow you don't realize how this one is actually in Europe.

    We will build this shit. But everyone knows it is shit. And every worker i meet, i tell.

    They can't afford sacking me.

    In fact i started very small. As a surveyor.

    No war ends or stops without surveyors. But y'all are so fucking smart.

    Find some water.... :) In desert environments.

    I know... a lot of shit.

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    Why don't you put some more jews in the oven then?

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    You all don't understand. But that is cool. I can live with that one. We got energy here. US-American Energy.

    This sub is quite lively. Just post something wrong.

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    See? But you never liked me anyways so how should i learn Astrodynamics from you ? Stop this course. Simple. It is. OR TEACH US. You gaping asshole. :)

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    See ? Now tell the truth Mr. Fantastic.

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          TPTB need us to be dependent on their controlled sources of power.

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