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This is such an important point, and you’re right, it does need to be discussed more. And why isn’t it?

Liberal feminism is such bullshit that it’s thrown women under the bus and won’t even address any uncomfortable truths. It’s too busy celebrating porn and patriarchal religions as being liberating for women. 🤮

We really have gotten so used to women’s physical and mental suffering that it’s normalized.

Not only do women attempt suicide more often, we’re also much more likely to be murdered by our own partners than men are. Women are statistically far less safe in our own homes than men are.

Men are mostly killing each other and demanding women in their lives do emotional work for their mental health issues and their own self-neglect. These MRA idiots certainly aren’t helping themselves mentally, much less helping other men— just adding more work to women’s pile, whining, and blaming women for men killing each other.

Most women are busy trying to help everyone in their family every single day- keeping the kids alive, keep the house running, caregiving for elderly parents, supporting everyone emotionally, and often also working outside the home. Their own physical and mental health comes last.

We’d have to completely overturn this patriarchal structure that uses women as a beast of burden in their own families before their mental health can improve. On a global scale, the prospects are still so dismal.

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What do you want done? Anytime we build services for ourselves males coopt them.

Males have more money and more resources and access to mental health facilities but refuse to go because it’s “gay”

We fight for ours and they whine that we have everything becasue if we are working on ourselves we can’t be burdened by being their free therapists.

What you want us to do? Keep talking about it? What else, feels like we are all working over time to support each other and build services away from those entitled parasites.

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Youre right. They shat all over the world - and now they hate anything that changes the status quo.

But the prospect of men just going, "Reeeeeeee we kill ourselves more!! Reeeeee" and women are like, "No, you dont. We do. Anyway, could you stop commiting genocide against us now?" just makes me absolutely mad? It's like so tone-deafness from everyone. Makes you feel that we have internalized so many bad things happening to our sex that we're like, "Huh? We try to commit suicide more? Figures."

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Yeah. I mean how do we escape it? Men have been violent since we taught them how to stop panting and speak.

The system is totally fucked against us. I mean these addle brained goons use force to govern.

I don’t judge any woman that want to escape from that, but I’m sad about their methods.

What can we do but keep building spaces for ourselves they will colonize and keep talking talking about it

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This is assuming that women only commit suicide because men suck. This is false. The entire world really sucks and it doesn't matter what sex people are. To be fair, we live in a world of pickmes and handmaidens, straight women who think their shit doesn't stink because they get laid by men, women who bully other women, women who are narcissists, women who have kids to treat them as mini-mes and as soon as they individiate go on to severely abuse them (like my mother did), wealthy Dumbocrat women who stomp around this planet like they have all authority and use shame and VIOLENCE to try to control what everybody else does/doesn't do, and now we have trashy women joining antifa riots ruining the lives of business owners. I'm sick of women being total shit in their own ways.

A lot of this garbage heaped on top of the usual crap caused by men is what has led me to considering suicide many times.

I'm also tired of the assumption that all suicide is caused by mental health issues. Sometimes life is just shitty as fuck and not worth living. And the one time I almost did do it, I was having severe pain every day for 3 months and doctors could not find any cause and could not figure out whether it would ever end. Of course women like you who have all the answers would call that a mental health issue rather than an external failure of shitty humans yet again in my life.

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For sure patriarchy is the main reason, you aren’t arguing it isn’t right?

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I think women's mental health is generally worse than men's. I read somewhere anxiety and depression are like twice as common in women, so don't let anyone tell you it's worse in men.

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And it is caused by living in a patriarchy.

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i've felt this for such a long time!! we just tend to leave the conversation hanging there. more must be done to help women. women's mental health matters. the only time people care is when we're talking about how it affects the baby.

it would take a while to liberate women from their mental chains, though. women are more likely to be depressed because of the number of roles they need to take over. we are expected to go out to work, while also taking care of the children, because of the whole 'dual income household' thing. funnily enough, i feel that feminism has failed to fully liberate women from traditional gender roles. it's okay to go out and work, but there must be equality to ensure that tasks are evenly distributed. then again, men only care about equality when it benefits them (i.e. they don't need to be 'providers' or 'protectors' anymore -- them being 'protectors' since the beginning of time is a fucking joke, considering the amount of domestic homicides against women that exist). there is also a mental health crisis amongst girls, especially teenage girls (see: the number of girls transitioning to escape misogyny). i feel that we need to take girls more seriously when they talk about their feelings. they're bullied relentlessly, both online and irl, and no one cares. we need to change that. we need to listen to girls, understand their needs, and tailor services towards them. this also brings me to online abuse. remember the AT&T representative that got sexually harrassed online by a bunch of males? when she almost broke down, more males bullied her. even if we can't stop these walking dildos from bullying women and girls relentlessly, there could be alternative support networks for them. they should be upheld by radfems though, if we left it to libfems, they'd turn this into a whole 'buh-buh men need it too!!!' -- ultimately, a woman-centric approach might work.