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You are correct, a woman getting raped is a much bigger deal and has worse short-term and longterm consequences for the victim.

Society does not focus on male rape because men don’t care about it. Most men joke about prison rape and female teacher & male student scandals, and don’t really think about a woman “forcibly enveloping” an unwilling man. In the Royal Navy back when teens could deploy, it was a joke and an introduction to manhood for the older guys to drag a virgin boy kicking and screaming off the ship and pay a hooker to fuck him. They’d make a game out of it, like find the “biggest, blackest hooker in Brooklyn” to do the job (yes, this is a real example). Other groups of men did and do this too. Men only started caring about male rape once women got political about female rape. Just like men only started caring about aborted babies after women started getting political about our status as chattel.

I’ll join you in having another controversial opinion about rape. Men cannot be raped. They can be sexually assaulted and sodomized, but not raped. Rape exists even among animals, though it has been renamed sexual coercion. It is a reproductive strategy males use to counter choosy females. Men and boys don’t only rape to reproduce, but that is where the urge comes from and pregnancy is the ultimate way in which they control women and girls.

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When a male is raped by another male, and is traumatized by it, I have sympathy for him. Any adult male claiming rape by a female can f* the h* off. He's just trying to get bro points at the expense of females trauma. Women have put up with worse sexual treatment/abuse by men than being forced to orgasm, and not filed charges. Statutory rape of a male minor is a crime, period. However, rape of a boy by a woman is not at all the equivalent of statutory rape of a minor girl by an adult male. The boy is raped via a sexual relationship, the girl by power and deviancy. (Female infants have been penetrated by adult males.) Edit clarify

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OP you should probably specify the rape. People are commenting about adult male on adult male rape and adults raping male children. I don't think you are referring to those cases just adult woman raping adult man, correct? If so, I think the latter situation is so rare I can't even imagine how it would happen. I almost want to go on a limb and say it doesn't happen.

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Yes this comes off as a troll post FYI. It’s exactly like the lame gotchas degenerate men attempt on feminist spaces when they try to cry that women aren’t fixing their issues and violence toward each other.

They also make lame attempts to equivocate male on male rape with men violently raping women or the very negligible sexual assault of men by women.

Within the definition of the law there is no rape of men by women, so if you come here to ask about rape you are asking feminists to address men raping each other, that’s very awkward because that is not a feminist issue.

If you are here to ask about Pedophilia, also please clarify, because your title is again misleading and also again most pedophiles are male.

You can repost it with a new title and clearer definition, but don’t if you are asking feminists to solve male on male rape, that’s a male issue

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No, it's not nearly as bad. We all know that to be true.