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Great post. I’d like to know also!

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Alright I made this account just to answer this for you.

I used to be an anti-feminist pickme because I had 0 self-esteem or self-worth and I wanted to be loved and accepted. If feminism was 'lame' and socially shunned, I thought 'well I'm not lame, see?? I'm cool and not a crazy SJW. I think men are awesome and women aren't oppressed!" I eventually realized through males' own behavior that they truly are the scum of the earth and their approval is the last thing I should be seeking.

TL;DR: Good old internalized misogyny.

I can't answer for why people with ASPD defend men; I can only speak for myself.

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I always hated men even when i was groomed and bullied into being masochistic kinkmesha and desired or be abused and dominated by them lol i really cant belive how some women love men and even fall on their knees for them(even when i was a kinkmesha i diddnt desire this horrible humiliation and the fact that most straight, bi women and even lesbians do this?????? Wtf)

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Loving men is a sign of stupidity and naivety