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Imo, story is fake.

Sounds like he's in London, and he writes "My password has remained the same since I was 12, just with a different combination of numbers at the end. I'm now 33!" So he's got a shit password he uses for everything.

He uses the same name on

Don't make me put my foot down #bootlicker...! 👢👅 I'm Sgt Archie Foote 🇬🇧 🚓 I'm 33 & 6ft tall. I like power & authority,

Size 9.5 UK shoe also.

He has an etsy account, that probably links to his real info:

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Fake as fuck.

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Sounds fake. The type of officer who would do such a thing would never brag about it on Reddit because he would know this could result in him getting doxxed. Although a lot of police departments across the west are intentionally hiring idiots because idiots are more obedient, they still want their cops smarter than the average Redditor. Just so they don't end up hiring someone retarded enough to brag about his episodes where he abused his power to the wrong person. Police departments know that social media is being spied on. So they train cops to be careful on social media. This particular redditor would have been kicked out of police academy halfway through his course.

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People post video of themselves committing a lifetime sentence worth of minor felonies. Don't overestimate this one.

But it's fake.

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That guy's really living his "best life."

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"Dear Penthouse Letters, you won't believe what happened to me. I'm a cop and while I was on patrol ..."

Gay domination foot fetish is not my thing, but seriously this is an obvious sex fantasy by somebody who probably isn't even a real cop.