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These prices are utter insanity. The economy had its single worst quarter EVER this year. Who's going to buy $1500 video cards?

I remember back when the Geforce 2 Ultra was released and cost US$ 700. The whole industry was in an uproar. I mean, the card was good, but it was seen as utterly obscene to sell a video card for that much. And now, about 20 years later, $1500 for a top end model? That would be even more insane, given that we've had maybe 2.5% average inflation since then.

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It is Nvidia. I bought only ATI / AMD since Riva 128 (the only Nvidia i ever had).

Theirs are almost useless for professional applications on linux because of their fucked up driver policies.

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I much prefer AMD but nVidia created a technology that I absolutely LOVE : 3D Vision. I know, stereoscopic 3D never really took off, but I myself along with a select crowd, are die hard fants of this tech. Which is why I run nVidia GPUs. Hopefully I can get myself a 2080ti at some point, because that is likely to be the last GPU to support it, EVER. Sigh.

So during these times, I play mostly my Stereo 3D capable games, before I am forced to upgrade to drivers that can't support it at all...

Other than that, yeah, AMD all the way! :-)

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Costs to move to ever-smaller process nodes just keep increasing. If you look up the cost of these factories they are well into the billions now

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Interesting, do we know when it will be released?

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Nvidia is making a big announcement September 1st and it's expected the next generation of cards will be announced then.

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A bit of an easy prediction... Though it is true. I will counter with the absurd notion that AMD's up coming cards will have higher frame rates to Nvidia's 3000 series while implementing ray tracing, and top out at $650.00

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Not even close on this one. A swing and a miss!