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The North American continent, and most likely the entire planet, is crisscrossed by deep, seemingly nearly indestructible tunnels that predate history.

I find this topic interesting. The Utes tell stories that their ancestors emerged from the earth.

Obviously the Deep State and their maniacs have access to the best science, of genetics, brainwashing, training, and basically all the knowledge of mankind, a lot of which is being held back to be used by said maniacs for their own purposes.

I think that's not an unfounded assertion.

As such, it is only logical that they have created a large "shadow army" of tailor-reproduced and brainwashed non-citizen military personnel.

It doesn't just logically follow that since the state has access to technology and knowledge that they have created a shadow army of millions who have lived their entire lives underground. Without you sharing how you know, it's really kinda non-information. I'd rather hear how you know and consider whether to believe it or not.

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It's a prediction of the future!

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I have no idea what that is, but this is the "PredictTheFuture" sub, so... It's a prediction. There is no requirement for demonstrating on what said prediction is founded. I did that a lot more than most in such subs.

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It's Carnac the Magnificent!

Not saying you're required, just that it doesn't mean any more than fiction as just an assertion by itself.

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Except after it happens, then at least YOU will remember that somebody somewhere had talked about this. Then you may try to find me again and elect me as Oracle of the World (tm).

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Eh, nope. That's a wild story though.

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It's like the dumbest parts of the Q conspiracy theories mixed with a lack of understanding of how special forces operate.

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Yeah coming from you, that's a compliment. Thanks honey. You're such good fangurl. <3

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Although, I don't agree with Horrux here, in fact I think the elitists want to just burden us with more debt and use other means to create an apathetic public, I've been meaning to ask you Fedi, what is your take on Zionism?

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You've already asked me multiple times, and I've ignored it, because since I don't think I've ever once said anything "pro-Israel", the only reason you would be asking is if you're conflating my stance against anti-semitism (as part of my general anti-racist stance) with Zionism, when one doesn't imply the other.

Plenty of people, myself included, believe racism (or any type of discrimination against someone which is based on group membership factors outside of their control) is bad, and also believe that the treatment of Palestine is a massive set of human rights violations.

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Thank you, you've acknowledged the question. Now I understand your stance on this matter. "Anti-semitism is racism," I concur but Judaism is a religion and Jewishness is an ethnicity, not a race. I do not criticize Jews for the physical characteristics they might have, for there are Jews of all different races and I give my praise to Said and Shahak, both Israeli Jews who have written extensively about the human rights abuses of the Israeli government and Jewish fundamentalism. The most racist people in the middle east, in my opinion, are the Likudniks who treat semitic Palestinians with utter disdain. What I cannot defend is the use of this anti-Semitic canard which has been hijacked by hard-right Zionists aligned with the Likud. They have effectively used this misnormer on those they are colonizing, who, one might contend, have far more evidence of being semitic than a great portion of the Israeli government. Can they be anti-themselves? I think not. But this is just another parallel to what the Likud has done to those Jews who have stood against the ethnic cleansing, effectively discrediting them through the fallacious term, such as what has been used on Said and Shahak–self-hating Jew, ie. anti-themselves.