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Now inflation is on the rise again, too. This deducts from all kind of saving-plans non-rich people may have with lesser "risks" or those which are sold as such.

Since the re-commercialized the internet most of these companies actually are only selling a hope on future profits. These then usually are postponed in some future again and again... You get the picture. Their explanation usually is that they need to increase their market-share to be more profitable or even reach break even and lacking other options institutional investors believe this again and again.

So i agree, the stock exchanges are running hot compared to a world economy that either is decreasing or speculating on possible growth in the future.

I even believe there is a real-estate bubble in china or most likely will be which will may have further consequences worldwide.

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heh ... is NOW "submitted 12 months ago"

but give it time, the biden admin still has til the next mid-rerm elections