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I'll stay put. We have enough rednecks to repel almost anything.

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Youth who are taught a totalizing Marxist ideology and complete derision for their parents

They are also a particularly useless and coddled generation. Fighting has gone from a common occurrence of boyhood to a criminal matter. If they decide to be our enemy, the enemy will be soft, pasty, out of shape, and be poorly prepared for physical conflict.

So, where will you go?

Nowhere, I'm an American, I'd stay and do what I could.

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While the enemy certainly appears to be out of shape, I think the BLM riots demonstrate that they're capable of violence. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. After a decade of further propaganda, huge swaths of the population could be radicalized, or at least buy into the demonization of certain groups.

Again, I point to the Chinese cultural revolution. They seemed innocent enough, until they reached a critical mass and were able to bend the apparatus of the state to their aims. It wasn't the revolutionaries locking people up, it was the (highly propagandized) police acting on trumped-up charges.

I applaud your desire to mount a resistance, though. It's noble.

I just don't want to be like those people we see throughout history that got trapped in their totalitarian countries. Some of my ancestors were Jews in Nazi Germany, others were Armenians who narrowly escaped getting wiped out in that genocide. I look back and ask why so many of their people didn't see the writing on the wall when their people were being demonized. I won't let it happen to me.

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Toward dc, with rifle in hand.

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There will not be a communist revolution in USA. This is not something to worry about. Rear your children well and pressure your neighbors to do likewise