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How to use on older versions of firefox? Can't downlaod.

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RES for saidit hasn't been updated in about 3 years, and it will mess up your RES for Reddit settings, if you have any. The download links are here:

If you want a newer version, I would gladly upgrade RES for saidit for you. Not too many people have cared.*

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yeah, believe it or not, I need to upgrade, not downgrade my firefox browser. I use an older version and when I follow the instructions it says this add on is for firefox 57 and up. In fact, I need a downgraded RES version all the way to ESR 45 and up I guess, if that is even possible.

I wish more people cared because saidit was going good for awhile but I really think there were forces and still are, probably paid by reddit and other companeis, to take her down.

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I could do a downgraded RES, it'd be like a do-over and take some doing. The saidit version of RES is v5.10.3 from January 21, 2018, that's a shame that it doesn't support your ESR 45 from 2016. But yeah upgrading your browser might make other stuff work better too.

saidit was going good for awhile but I really think there were forces and still are

agreed, but internal chaos and lack of marketing and effort played a role too

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Well my firefox is the next ESR up. I think 52 or something like that. It was just before they screwed up the add-ons feature and started changing crap. Last tiem I upgraded to 60 and 70+ firefox I lsot everything and it slowed down my computer and browsing considerably. There's no way of simply downloading the reddit RES older .xpi versions for ESR firefox versions and somehow forking it to saidit?

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It can be done. Tell me what version of RES for reddit works for you, and I'll make it happen.

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v5.5.8 seems to work fine with reddit. After that it start to get a little weird and the browser slows down and reddit comes to a crawl.

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If you get it done, let me know. Thanks.

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Will do. It's already in progress.

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That is great!