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Ok, sorry to respond OT for the sub, but I had totally forgotten about Cyrano and Tous Les Matins--both huge faves of mine back in the day. Thank you for the reminder(s), I shall seek them out again all these years later. They are both exquisite masterpieces, imho.

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I prolly should have posted it in /s/movies instead of the last topic I landed on.

Tous Les Matins is just soooo heartbreakingly sad. Rare in media to do so unapologetically. I think my life would be a tragedy too. Besides the profoundly gorgeous cinematography I looooove the soundtrack. Last year I shared a clip of the "Improvisation" on YouTube and discovered that the soundtrack tune I so loved was actually a classical music piece with dozens of arrangements and variations (covers and remixes)!!! La Follia / Les Folies d'Espagne / Folías de España, etc.

Also, FYI, Gérard Depardeu's son plays the younger version of his character. Died too young though.

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Geepers I used to have that soundtrack on a loop. SO good! I had forgotten that Guillaume had died, so sad. He was fantastic in that movie.
Gérard ended up being quite a gnarly old crank!

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He was good. Could have been a star, based on that movie. Sad about Dad too.

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/u/d3rr thumbnail broken :(

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ty. im actually saving them for some glorious day when they get fixed

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I don't want to annoy you. Just say so if I am.

The only one that was really critical for vote-timing was this one: /s/memes/comments/3sru/i_was_social_distancing_while_shopping_and/ Typically I don't give a shit about votes, but in this case, it could bring smiles to many in these times of woe.

Hope you're doing well. You seem quiet. I'm hoping you're productive or busy with good stuff. I've been limited to a jaw & nerve problem that is finally starting to resolve.

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i'm still here... trying to be productive. Working from home has been draining. that sounds like some terrible pain to have, glad to hear youre on the mend.

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I hope you can still enjoy the little things, even if draining.

I hadn't thought about it until Tom pointed it out - some pain you can work through diminished, but a few piercing kinds just stop everything cold. Still, mental anguish/torture can be even worse.