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Clearly you have been watching the wrong movies. Watch Idiocracy.

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We're more like a mix of Idiocracy, 1984, Escape From New York, and most of all, Demolition Man. Hell, I did an entire series on what a realistic remake of Demolition Man would look like. That's the most accurate movie future we're living in, but without the John Spartan, sanitary Three Seashells system, or Taco Bell/Pizza Hut monopoly. Idiocracy had a happy ending and the people in that world were happy and free even if they were as stupid as your standard Progressive Zoomer, so we're living a far worse timeline than that.

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I watched "Demolition Man" today for the first time. Entertaining enough, but not the present or the future. In that movie, there was real resistance. Today everyone is useless, so no resistance. And in the movie, things worked. Today things don't work. Idiocracy is much closer, but probably the most accurate future is something like The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia.

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One could argue either Conservatives are the "resistance" that's been confined to living in sewers and being "canceled" and censored; although conservatives are often just as bad and moronic as the woke left, especially on retarded shit like abortion/pro-life.

(Hell, Conservatives' dumb-fuck, mentally-braindead opinions on pro-life and religious dogma alone makes me lose respect for most Conservatives; they look at this shitty reality we're living in, all the illegal immigrants flooding America and Europe, the lack of decent parents currently existing - themselves included - and think, "Hey, let's add a billion more unwanted, unloved babies into this fucked-up world that's falling apart! ...All while we have recreational sex and engage in as much selfish hedonism as the woke left! Forcing a generation of future serial killers and rapists to exist and be abused by their unwilling, reckless, retarded parents who never wanted them, out of our own selfish hypocritical virtue signaling views on abortion, while we talk shit about 'niggers, kikes, Jews, trannies, and faggots', will make the world much better! WE'RE NOTHING LIKE THE PHONY, HATE-FILLED, VIRTUE SIGNALING LEFT AT ALL!")

But in reality, the resistance are likely going to be the silent majority of Normies. Shit just hasn't gotten bad enough for them to finally snap out of their PornHub, OnlyFans, marijuana, fast food, social media comas yet. You know; bread and circuses. Although the Democrats have been doing a good job of that in 2024 with how fucked-up their cities have become. Getting stabbed on the subway or having your own home "legally" stolen by squatters will piss people off enough to finally get violent and enact revolution... At least until they get comfortable again.

Like I said before, my generation, Millennials, are fucked. Useless throw-aways. And most soy-filled, cowardly, pronoun-respecting Zoomers stand no chance, either. If anyone's going to 'fix' humanity, it's going to be Gen Alphas, all the kids who were currently born within the past 12 years. They may stand a chance of dropping this left-wing/right-wing selfish horseshit.

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I don't think there's are that bad. It getting worse for sure.