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In my experience reddit admins don't even investigate ban evasion reports, they just take the mod's word for it.

But if you think that's bad wait until you hear how Discord handles things. They will ban you just for being in a server that gets banned. Three weeks ago they banned WatchRedditDie's server for "harassment", and everyone who talked in it had their accounts disabled with the same reason. You're lucky if you get a warning, there are no temporary bans, they don't take appeals, and they probably can't even undo bans themselves because they always delete the account or server.

It gets worse. On reddit, the censorship is annoying, but it's strictly business. They're corrupt, they have an agenda, they wipe out their enemies, but no hard feelings. Discord makes enmity with you in a very personal manner and you can tell by their tone that they would literally hunt you down and have you executed if they could. Not because you're in their way, but because they would enjoy doing so because they hate you, and they will never forget about it. And if you try to talk with them they give you a bullshit response that is basically trying to say, "We hate you, you're an awful worthless piece of shit and we will do everything in our power to ruin your life, please kill yourself". It's not a surprise then to find out that the company is run almost entirely by perverted furries, a low even reddit can't stoop to.

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I think something similar is going on at mastodon. At first it seems like a good decentralized alternative but then a closer look reveals the lead developer and admin of the main server has banned a ton of other mastodon servers from connecting to and interacting with that server which surely defeats the point of being a federation and a decentralized network, right?

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Kind of, but it's different from completely banning it. Reddit and Discord delete it entirely, any federated network could only be cut off from the main platform.

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Yes it is less than a ban, that is true, but I think it is just another method of censorship by marginalizing users that belong to certain groups.

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This is a sign we need to stop using Silicon Valley tech

You're a little late to the party, but better late than never.

They lost a valuable user today

They don't care. I had a half million karma and was top poster in some smaller subs, and they perma banned that account without a thought.

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This is old, but sorry it happened to you. They did the same BS to me less than two weeks ago. Considering what a piece of shit the Reddit community is, I'm not even that mad. I just feel like I got fucked over, because the suspension/bans were totally made up horseshit and it was an injustice. If they suspended me over something valid, I'd be fine with it, but they basically lied to kick me off the site, and I rarely used Reddit to begin with.

Again, it's an old post, but sorry you had to go through that shit.