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All freeware has disappeared for some reason. 10 years ago it was usually very easy to find a free program to suit your needs. Now literally everything that's not open-source requires payment, even the few things still labeled "free". And anything that was always paid is now way more expensive than it used to be, yet also has less features. I don't know what's driving it. The good news is that the open-source world has made some huge strides since then. But it's still held back by programmers designing the UI, which is almost never a good idea.

At the same time 90% of websites online started requiring a paid subscription or force you to log in. This never happened to me before except the occasional paywall, but now I struggle to access anything. Even reddit is making you log in now unless you use the old version, which I suspect is going away soon. And that's bad for me because I'm not even allowed to log into most of my accounts anymore because the admins changed the passwords.

And Discord is terrible. They'll ban you just for being in a server, and even they can't undo it if it was a mistake because for some reason they permanently delete it. And if you need anything afterwards they tell you to fuck off and kill yourself. They're even worse than reddit, apparently every single one of their admins is a pedo furry.