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Did you take before and after pictures of your old place? Some landlords will charge you a cleaning fee if you cleaned the place or not. In the U.S., they are not supposed to charge you for normal wear and tear, but you will have to take the to court (or at least threaten them) to get your deposit back. You are not responsible for "turning" your old apartment, meaning you should leave it clean out without damage, but you are not responsible for the final cleaning before the next tenant moves in. Vacumming, dusting, etc., is expected to be done by the landlord.

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It's a huge apartment complex, and they don't care unfortunately.

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"I don't say anything."

So why rant about it to strangers who don't give a shit here? Instead of whining in the ether, why don't you address your concerns with the moving company where your ire can reach the right people who are in position to make amends?

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"The guy doesn't speak English, so you know. Just in case."

Yeah, another god damn foreigner defiling the american job market because businesses hire them since wherever they live is third-world and a shithole. So they come here and turn it into a shithole too.