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Losers are losers, and all of the studying, counseling, pills, etc. in the world can do absolutely NOTHING about it.

I know it since a long time. I just wanted to prove to myself that there is nothing inherently wrong with my abilities, that whenever something revolves around my effort, I can do it.

It's different in life, because you are almost never judged about things you can change, but about unchangeable factors which determine you. Once you are ugly, you lost.

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Yeah honestly let me hit you up with a I’m happy for you or sorry that happened cause I ain’t reading that essay.

The only answer is to LDAR

Based. Iif you did end up finding a job however, I hope it’s a good one. In here, all my options are to wageslave.

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very well written, my only problem is that you laughed at a fellowcel.

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Perhaps that's why the hand of karma beat me so thoroughly.

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I enjoyed your story, maybe you should try writing. Blog is not too much work and if you enjoy it it's not too bad.

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Glad you liked it! Some kind of incel-adjacent blog might be really fun. Pretty ornery crowd, though, lol.