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I discriminate. I think as long as you're white and over 5ft 4, you can get any brown girl you want ezy pzy. Tons of white incels dont even fathom brown girls as mates and could still pull more brown women than I could ever dream of. I'm medium tone black, I'm not a dark enough to illicit any fetishes from latinas or white girls. I'm not light enough to be whitepassing and get black girls, latinas, indian girls, or asian girls. In fact, I'm completely off limits to them. If you're white, there's always a way to get a brown chick. If you aren't specialty black, ie whitepassing or fetishizably dark, then you're fucked for life.

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copium, JBW is law, but a 5,5 ugly balding white dude is still giga truecel

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not in thailand

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Provided you pay, everything is possible in thailand.

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tfw 5.39' incel. How could god be so cruel

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Because of attractive men, who do not pick any clues just because they are socially oblivious, but not mentally sick. Had guy like that through middle and high school, he was being dragged by hand by many foids to just fuck them, I heard stories as he was being dragged somewhere and once she placed him on a sofa, he went to sleep immediately while sitting.

They he said "muh I can't have girlfriend" even when 5-6 foids were literally fighting for him. Fucking joke.

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and once she placed him on a sofa, he went to sleep immediately

Perhaps he is gay.

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He isn't, he has a girlfriend now. He was just completely oblivious, while all girls were following him. It was really painful to watch, even though he was my friend at one point, I had to cut him off because of the said reasons.

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redpillers on suicide watch

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who gives a shit. normies have stolen incel culture anyway. reddit faggots all use -pill -maxxing -cels etc. even thought they hate us. even fucking feminist whores steal incel lingo. obligatory women are uncreative retards and are worth nothing but their holes. fucking hasan piker (well known chad) calls himself an incel.

just wait in a few years we'll get thrown out of incel spaces just like we were kicked out of gaming and anime groups

being an incel now basically means saying something a bitch disagrees with. trump, obama, myron gaines, andrew tate have been called incels even though they're married

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Exactly that.

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Steal? Better WE inject it in their communities. Now we can use it against THEM. As I said before, THEY will accept blackpill as their own knowledge. Not as some point of view they failed to disapprove, but as their own mindwork, their NATIVE thoughts. It's a significant achievement for whole incel community.

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who gives a shit. normies have stolen incel culture anyway. reddit faggots all use -pill -maxxing -cels

I actually take pride in that. No matter how much they pay lip service to hating us, we were one of the founding cultures of modern internet forums

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In short: If you don't gatekeep that, wait some more till attractive guys will reclaim the term and spew misogyny. Then, you are still below them, because you are unattractive and the entire term loses meaning. It ready happened.