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Therapy is the ultimate cuckhold. If I ever saw a therapist and I'm paying $500+, I'm going to be as racist and sexist as my inner heart desires. "Women aren't your therapists"??? Then how come Chad gets infinite women to let him rape them, talk shit about them, harass them, psychologically abuse them, and destroy them????

But like IncelTV said, women think their own experiences couldn't possibly be experienced by other women. Women think to themselves "Oh, I don't have a problem with short men, it's just a weird coincidence I ended up with a guy whose 6ft 4". Then they turn around and gaslight men into thinking they're the outlier and that the average population of women are sexually addicted to short men. Why would someone pay to talk to proven gaslighters? All women do is gaslight men that aren't Chad. Chad gets real conversation and real interest. Average man? Gaslighting. Have fun paying to get gaslit.

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This is very true. Reminds me of the "short guys deserve love, but not from me Teehee" posts foids made a while back thinking they are unique.

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Femoids outnumber men with psychology degrees and the majority of therapists are foids

Femoids go for such degrees because they want to cure their own mental problems. Men fix problems, foids overanalyze them just to fail at the end.

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Modern psychology is a jewish construction that puts all blame on men. Foids just love this modern psychology because it makes them feel good and gives them an illusion of deep thought. Not to mention that foids studying psychology are disturbed even by foid standards.

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I wouldn't say it puts blame on men, rather it tries to feminize men. Men are said that it's okay to be weak, it's okay to cry, that their pathetic life is okay if they feel comfortable, but in reality - it's not okay to be weak and you are percieved as loser then.

Men solve problems, foids try to pretend their problems are non-existant.

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Therapy isn't extraction of male resources, it's female busywork. It's mostly women that go to therapy, though many probably do so with the money of men, for example their dads or husbands, in some countries even state funded