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Good riddance. After a month on reddit I was ready to exit stage right. What's the point of a "discussion" board where everybody agrees with each other? That's not a discussion board, that's a fan club. And if you don't agree? Well, I'm sorry, you have violated the unwritten Law of the Borg hivemind and must be flushed down the reject unit waste tube like Keanu in the Matrix.

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They are now rank 19 on alexa where they have fallen from rank 6. Let's hope they keep banning themselves until they can only talk with bots.

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I seriously think about 30% of reddit's posts, and about 20% of comments, are not generated by humans, and that this has increased a lot in the last 5 years.

Then there's also the paid shilling/PR groups, which have also grown in prevalence, probably even more than the bots.

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they have no learned the lesson o Digg

becoming scripted and commercialized is the path to death

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They don't give a shit, they're trying to IPO and cash out.

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Yep. They're going to leave the plebs bagholding shares of a completely worthless entity.

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There's a chance the whole thing will crash and burn! This failed WeWork IPO is going to have people digging into the numbers hardcore.

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Is it dying though? I am sure the number of new subscibers continue to grow

With that said, I do believe in time, they will fall - squashing free speech is never a good move.

But for now, reddit is growing at an alarming rate

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I don't think reddit is actually growing anymore. I think peak reddit occurred about a year ago, imo

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The Tumblr exodus was the straw that broke the donkeys back.

Thousands of pervert hard-left plebs that shit and bounced off Tumblr because they couldn't discuss the validity of having 673 genders and fuck themselves in the arse watching furry porn all on the same site because the porn got banned.

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Dunno if that’s a common or proven theory but it makes a lot of sense.

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Srs. If you could be fucked (I know I couldn't) look how far left it swung in the month after tumblr kicked off all the porn.

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Depends on your metrics. While it might not have content you enjoy, it's providing different content in a way that's still very profitable.

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If only reddit were really going the way of the dodo. But, alas, I think that they are still too big. We need to ACTIVELY advertise this platform on reddit. Keep pulling people over.

Best place/time is when some big topic is being censored/deleted. Post to the people whos stuff was deleted, PM them. Post on dissenting subreddits, like watch reddit die as comments (not threads).

Advertise for alternatives. Preferably for one. And guys, be active on here. If it looks like its not being posted on, people will leave.

Post regularly, (don't spam ofc) and upvote. And recruit. Reddit is a propaganda machine at this stage, we need an alternative.

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I agree with almost everything you said. I've been reddit free for like half a year, and have not looked back.
For months before leaving, I've always had the thought about leaving. I was making excuses to stay, as opposed to making excuses to leave. That's how you know it's time to drop something, when you try to convince yourself that it will get better. It won't.

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The new design required javascript, which by default I have disabled in NoScript (I have no interest in turning javascript on for a site like Reddit). As long as the old design exists, I can still browse the site, though there's less to look at today.

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i have come acroos a few subs that will ban you if you post in The_Donald

AAMOF just today i got a ban notice from a communist sub i did not even know existed

posting on any sub on any subject you run the risk of being attacked because you are a Trump supporter

but i like the quips and okes on eddit that it seems saidit will penalize you for