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Im pretty sure all of big tech have ways to access persistent device id's that break any kind of anonymity given by vpn's and tor.

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Plus undeletable cookies, and similar tricks.

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Any more info on things like undeletable cookies?

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You'd learn more by searching the term. I just read an article about the new 'super cookies', and other techniques to surveil and track people across the internet.

Hardware profiling is another, where the configuration of your device and the software installed on it can create a profile unique to you.

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Must be, never had issues before. So time to use my neighbors wifi.

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There ought to be a comprehensive privacy guide that covers stuff like this.

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Out of curiosity, did you use separate browsers or browser profiles? The slightest slip in cookie or IP address hygiene, and they have you marked.

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I use separate browser profiles for each Reddit account with a custom useragent and different network settings (proxy).

If you just logout, change IP and login into a different account in the same browser, you're gonna get caught.

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I use nord vpn and 3 different browsers , each time I log out I close the browser and when logging back in I switch browsers however one thing I just noticed a hour ago was when I type the first letter of a my name the correct name shows up in the login box. Never thought about it till your comment. You just might have solved my issue. Thanks

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Your browser remembers the values you put in various forms or it remembers your login/password, which is fine.

What you need to worry about is cookies - you need to set your browser to automatically clear cookies when closing it or do it manually before you want to login into a different Reddit account (or use the private mode all the time. I'd also use some add-on that regularly changes your user agent if you don't want to use multiple browser profiles (which is probably the best thing IMO because then each Reddit account you have is associated with the same parameters all the time (same IP, same user agent, same cookies, same language, ...))

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Yeah I went into settings and took car of the issues, what's really funny is I worked IT 15 years and knew better but got lazy I guess.

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So what alt accounts do you use on Saidit?

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Is PlantsArePeopleToo still an account over there? I stopped using that site after my main was permanently suspended back in 2015. Can't remember any other alts, but had a few others too.

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I think it's the way you type. I know I've been found out when I corner people into the truth zone. It feels like the truth is a dirty word.