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The better question is how would you explain to aliens why Jesus was crucified on planet Earth.

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How would one explain to aliens why Jesus was crucified on planet Earth, and not on some other planet, for example, the native planet of those aliens?

One possible explanation could be that Jesus was crucified on Earth because it was the chosen location for his sacrifice. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus came to Earth to fulfill a divine plan to save humanity from sin, and his crucifixion was a crucial part of that plan. It is possible that the events surrounding Jesus' life, death, and resurrection were specifically ordained to take place on Earth as part of a larger cosmic plan.

Additionally, it could be argued that Jesus' crucifixion on Earth served as a powerful symbol for all intelligent beings in the universe, regardless of their planetary origins. The act of sacrifice and redemption that Jesus underwent is seen as a universal message of love, forgiveness, and salvation that transcends any one planet or species. Therefore, it may be that the significance of Jesus' crucifixion goes beyond the physical location of Earth and speaks to the spiritual needs of all sentient beings in the cosmos.

Ultimately, the reasons for Jesus' crucifixion on Earth may be part of a larger mystery that transcends our understanding. It is possible that there are spiritual forces at work in the universe that we cannot fully comprehend, and that the crucifixion of Jesus was a unique event meant to have significance for all intelligent beings, no matter where they may come from.

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Perhaps the Dark Forest Theory is true and it's to protect us.