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I am interested in debate on this because I think you're wrong. But you've written so many lies that it's hard to just pick something out.

To begin with, you have called 2014 a coup, and you said that no effort was made to hide western involvement.

I think this is a lie. I have never seen any evidence for a western coup in 2014. Maybe you can provide extraordinary evidence for this extraordinary claim you made, and we can debate the evidence on its merits.

Then just to pick out another random lie you told. You said that Boris Johnson's visit in August is why the peace talks broke down.

Perhaps you're forgetting that the actual reasons for breakdown involved ruzzia's poisoning of Rustem Umerov and Roman Abramovic.

Why don't you provide extraordinary evidence for your extraordinary claim that Boris Johnson's August visit to Kyiv is in any way related to a breakdown in talks.

There are so many lies told, like I said, it's hard to focus on just one. But there's two which we can start off with. Are you interested in debating this or not

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What's to debate here - most of his posts are copy-pasted from RT ( is a proxy for, "swentr"="rtnews" backwards).