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The central question in the Jewish Problem was that in the old world order, monarchy and aristocracy, Jews had a special position as king’s people. There is no doubt about this. They had privileges and restrictions. If the Kings of Edom were destroyed, this position had to change. If Jews were to assimilate, they would lose their identity and their leaders would lose the people, but assimilation was not so easy because Jews become to be in direct competition with Christians.

Jews had better education than Christians, more money and they had their social networks because of their former special position, not from a higher genetic intelligence as some try to claim.

This situation could only create new Anti-Semitism even where it did not earlier exist. Therefore Zionists wanted a home country, and finally it had to be in Palestine. The plan was made and executed by using all connections, but the result is seen now and it is not good. In modern time you should not do what Israel is currently doing. There is always a solution, here there is no wish to find a solution.

Assimilation also failed. Two million Jews stayed in the Soviet Union, but they finally did not assimilate and most of them immigrated to Israel after Communism fell.

The reality, of course, is that Jews were reliable supporters and partisans for Communism during World War II, a period that witnessed the peak of propaganda against Judeo-Bolshevism. Rather than being a controversial opinion, this is one of the findings of Jewish historian Dov Levin in his Baltic Jews Under the Soviets, 1940–1946 (1994) and The Lesser of Two Evils: Eastern European Jewry Under Soviet Rule, 1939–1941 (1995), as well as a host of histories by other academics. And after World War II, Jews dominated communist governments throughout Eastern Europe.'S_WILLING_EXECUTIONERS_JEWS_AS_A_HOSTILE_ELITE_IN_THE_USSR_The_Jewish_Century

There was a western understanding of Judeo-Bolshevism to the Western trope of “Judeo-Christian” civilization. It was a modern sociological construct designed to place (primarily) American Jews within a “universalist rubric” [p.224] and, later, to promote the pro-Zionist image of a:

“transatlantic community of values” united against Islam [p.281].

This is itself part of the broader twentieth-century development in which the Jewish Question disappeared from mainstream Western discourse, only to be replaced with the ‘Whiteness’ Question and, most recently, the Islamic Question.

It cannot be said that assimilation succeeded in the USA, as there is the pro-Israel lobby and many powerful dual citizens and neocons. It is not strange that assimilation fails. Nobody has managed to assimilate Basques. Russians did not manage to assimilate Finns, Poles or Jews. But there is a difference, since none of these other people ever tried to use their position as a group to take over an entire country.

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Freemason, and 1st prime minister Ben-gurion, stated that in the future, Jerusalem would be:

  • the seat of world power.

  • All states would serve the world power in Israel.

  • All wars would be abolished.

  • The U.S., would become a huge welfare state.

    • Netanyahu, the freemason has made this clear.
  • Russia would become a Federation to do homage with Israel.

    • Putin has his own Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi who is dorectly connected to Netanyahu and Trump.
  • This promotes a multilateral agenda.

  • A world court would be set up in Jerusalem, as prophesied by Isaiah that would settle all nation-state issues.

  • The nations would be truly united as the founders of the United Nations envisioned.

These are the predictions of Ben-gurion.

Israel had to be reborn by collecting all Jews to Palestine after a great time of persecution, according to prophesies.


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Frankists are a particularly easy target as Judaism does not support them. Indeed, Frankists were expelled from Judaism. Some so called conspiracy theoreticians make the connection between Frankists and Freemasons. Helen Nesta Webster noticed the connection as the first one. Today she is called by the always reliable Wikipedia, /s., a far-right conspiracy theoretician, despite the fact that she was very cautious in her conclusions.

I find her conclusions quite well supported, considering the time they were written. Another author who has made the connection of Freemason with Frankists is Rabbi Marvin Antelman. He appears to be a disinformation agent directing attention to Frankists. As many people here on saidit and reddit do.

Frankists disappeared long ago an their legacy is the pro-Israel attitude in Masonry. It is not realistic to think there are any Frankists left, and the only Sabbateans are the followers of Turkish Dönmeh, not a major threat to a modern society. Of course it is not so, there are no Frankists, their contribution was to give Mizraim and Mephis Freemasonry a clearer kabbalistic and messianic program.

So, there was a conspiracy. There were actually three conspiracies, which derived from the same origins.

Freemasons had a conspiracy trying to change the old regime to the new world.

This was the dual nature of Freemasonry: there were like two types of Masons, one type were the leftist revolutionaries.

Masons more or less stopped their revolutionary activities, however, after the Paris Commune fell, but the conspiracy continued in secret societies associated with Rosicrucians and Theosophists.

Many people find it contradictory that Freemasons and international bankers would have had connections to leftist revolutionaries, but it is historically true. It is not so strange, at least for bankers. It is possible for investors to make good profits on any catastrophes, especially if they can foresee the catastrophe, which is the case if investors finance wars and revolutions.

Catastrophes cause shortages and in open market shortages increase prices. In the time of war there often are shortages of many things. If the country does not impose rations, prices increase to the point where high prices suppress demand or enable compensating production.

If a country imposes rations it leads to a black market. In international markets it usually is not possible to enforce rations and therefore shortages increase prices to the level where demand decreases or new production comes economically viable. This price level is much higher than the economic price level for existing production, which means that old producers can make huge profits.

An international investor is in the best position to benefit from these shortages in the long run, as different products will have shortages in different catastrophes. An investor, if he knows when the catastrophe starts and ends, is able to buy shares of industry, which will experience a boom. There are other ways bankers can benefit from wars and catastrophes, like giving loans. Catastrophes are real business if they are correctly used.

Doyle does not write in Sherlock Holmes stories what happened later to this New World Order conspiracy. It is quite well known from other sources:

  • Freemasons were replaced by Communists as revolutionaries.

You may naturally wonder what international bankers might have done:

  • did they discard the very profitable chance on gaining on catastrophes, or did they shift to financing Communists?

There was a counteraction against communism (like Nazis), also fomenting catastrophes. Could bankers possibly benefit from them?

The fact is that investors can benefit from any change, provided that they take correct actions. It seems that a small group of international bankers did finance early Communistic revolutionaries. As one ethnic group was over-represented among these early Communists, and the group of bankers also had a certain composition, an ethnic adjective was added to the New World Order conspiracy, though it was not a conspiracy by any ethnic group. An ethnic association is to some extent justified of the Communistic stage (not of the Masonic stage) by member statistics.

What is the stage after Communism fell can be deduced and I do not need to deduce it. In any case, these are no myths. The great conspiracy was true and though suppressed, the facts can be found even today with some own work.

Communism was a conspiracy, though not by an occult secret society. They used secret parties. Zionism tried to restore the Jews and create Israel, and there is Israel.

One cannot really seriously question whether there was a plan and whether the plan was advanced by secret plots. I have noticed efforts against the Catholic Church and for promoting multi-culture, gender equality, immigration, liberalization, humanism, futurism, holocaust cult, Israel interests, race denial and all these things the rightists so like to mention. I do not think these efforts are spontaneous and I link them to the original conspiracy. There is clearly something happening in the Catholic church quite at odds with the traditionalist Catholic doctrine.

[Thus, I must conclude that the Catholic church has been infiltrated. The first Jesuits, conversos, many of whom were crypto-Jews, were kicked out of the order in the 17th century. The Jesuits slowly died out, and did not have much power until the 19th century. They were particularly, anti-semitic and were against the memorialists or the Jews who were disallowed into the order based on the blood rule. What is clear, presently, is a subversion of the counter Jesuit revolution, or traditional Jesuits. Thus, I must conclude that the memorialists or memorialistas have in the 20th century, infiltrated the Jesuit movement and have effectively communized, liberalized and hijacked traditional Catholicism. After, WW2, the blood rule, disallowing Jewish blood into the order was disbarred.]

When did Zionism start? One could answer that it started from pre-Zionism around 1840 and that is a reasonable answer, but one could also claim that it started in Napoleon’s time when Napoleon almost promised Jews a home country. [Napoleon was a Freemason., hence his utter distaste for the traditional Jesuit order. There are numerous picture of Napoleon displaying the masonic hidden hand gesture.]

But I think it started much earlier. I suggest the 17th century when Judah Leon Templo presented his plans for the Temple of Solomon. It so well fits to the beginning of the secret society of the builders of the temple of Solomon. The time fits to Shabbatai Zevi, the translation of Kabbalah to Latin and Christian Zionism in England. If this is the correct starting time and all these things are linked, then it was always a conspiracy and it still continues today.

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There is an alleged letter of a Jew called Baruch Levy to Karl Marx printed in a French literary magazine ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928:

The Jewish people taken collectively will be its own Messiah. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the elimination of frontiers… and so on.

But it is not known who this Baruch Levy was and if this letter is a fabrication. The magazine is not a credited history journal, so this lead must be discarded. We have to remember that there are lots of falsifications in this topic. It is not only the main media which cheats: the opponents are fabricating evidence and false accusations. Every claim has to be checked, it is very possibly untrue.

I personally like the warning of Heinrich Heine from 1842:

“Communism is the secret name of this formidable adversary, who posits the rule of the proletariat with all its consequences in opposition to the current regime of the bourgeoisie. … For our part we only know that communism, though little talked about at present, and though it lives a sickly existence in hidden garrets on miserable straw, is even so the somber hero to whom an enormous, though transitory, role is reserved in the modern tragedy, and which is only waiting for its cue to come on stage.”

So, Heine sounds like an opponent of Communism quite early on. Marx and Engels had not yet written the Communistic Manifesto of 1848. Heine also wrote:

“Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet.”

That sounds anti-capitalistic, but actually Heinrich Heine was a frequent visitor in the house of James de Rothschild in Paris. What I found surprising is that the threat of Communists was known before the Manifesto.

The role of the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff in the Russian revolutions is prominent. He arranged a big loan to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war 1904-05 and made it difficult for Russia to get any loans from the USA. This largely determined the outcome of the war. Schiff was an ardent Zionist and together with B’nai B’rith helped Jews to migrate to the USA (to Galvestone) as a temporary stop in the migration to Palestine. Schiff probably funded Trotsky in the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

But let's stick to the main topic concerning the Sabbateans.

The so-called New World Order proposed by Marvin Antelman and supported by Henry Makov (a known spreader of disinformation) and others, is that Frankists and Sabbateans are still here controlling everything from behind the scenes, sort of like the Jesuit theory. True or not, it is regularly promoted by Zionists and Jewish masonic movements.

There still are a few Dönmeh members, a Sabbatean group in Turkey, but Frankists and Sabbatean are not controlling this world, and they never were so numerous. This theory is simply nonsense. Hence, why David Icke is able to spread this rhetoric far and wide on YouTube and travel unabated without being threatened or at the very least censored.

Keep in mind, Davi Icke is a known disinformation agent, and I would assume others here on said-it. Icke is a occultist who also has ties to the 9/11 crime, indirectly. He was friends with the African American individual who worked for the FBI that the citizens investigation committee concerning the Pentagon attack exposed. Basically, he was the individual who helped agents place light poles down on the highway near where the alleged plane or drone hit the Pentagon. This narrative was then broadcasted by media as proof that the plane knocked down these poles whilst it flew towards the facade of the outer ring of the Pentagon. This individual admitted on camera, that he was tasked with this mission and that the conspiracy was much bigger than him. Others have researched this individual and have discovered that he is also an occultist and was pictured with David Icke on numerous occasions before and after 9/11, huh, isn't that bizarre. His home is filled with Freemasonic and occult imagery.

The earliest political activities of the Freemasons were the efforts of the Jacobites to restore the Stuarts to the throne of England. Scottish Freemasonry may derive from Stuart Freemasonry in France, but this theory has been questioned. There was Stuart freemasonry with political aims. The Invisible Masters of the Strict Observance are unknown but it is often proposed that they were Jacobites. Jacobite Freemasonry is one of the origins of the main stream French Freemasonry, the Grand Orient of France. This is the branch that has been responsible for most of the revolutionary activities but not for supporting the Stuarts, the inspiration of the Grand Orient was Radical Enlightenment.

The origins of the fall of monarchies in Europe and elsewhere are in the Enlightenment. The thoughts leading into communism can be traced to Baruch Spinoza, whose writings inspired Radical Enlightenment and influenced central thinkers of German romantic nationalism, communism and Zionism, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Shelling, Lessing, Fichte, Moses Mendelson, Moses Hess, Karl Marx, Hertzl, and Maimon.

Spinozism is a philosophy advocating atheism and abolishment of religions, materialism, equality of women and men, freedom of thought, and opposition to monarchies. Spinoza’s ethics denies the absoluteness of good and bad. Except for atheism, these ideas are typical to Enlightenment.

Spinoza was essentially utopist. After he was excluded from Judaism, he had contacts with several dissident groups. He also lived in Constantinople for some years and probably was in contact with Sabbateans and maybe Sufis. Spinoza was a mystic and Lurian Kabbalah seems to have influenced Spinoza’s thought. Isaac Lurian was a cabbalist in the 16th century. His cabbalistic writings derive from Maimonides and Zohar, and they describe the general idea that world must be fixed: the present order must be destroyed and the rightful order must be restored.

While Radical Enlightenment, as it appears in Illuminati, Jacobins, and communists, is rational, it has this belief that the present world order must be destroyed and a new world order established.

Zionism is a movement that grew from Jewish Enlightenment. Thus, Zionists were secular Jews, often Marrots. Two heresies of Judaism, spinozism and Sabbateanism were well represented in Jewish Enlightenment.

Shabbatai Zvi, or Zevi, or Tzvi, was a false Jewish Messiah who was to take power in the year 1666 and at that time about one half of all Jews are claimed to have believed in him. The expectations were crashed when Shabbatai Zvi converted to Islam – in fact, he had no choice – and most of the followers deserted him.

Not much was heard of Sabbateans from the time of Shabbatean Zvi’s conversion up to the time of Jacob Frank in the next century. At the time of Jacob Frank the schism between Sabbateans and Talmudic Jewish caused Sabbateans to be expelled.

Sabbateans were a heretic sect of Judaism, which believes in incarnation, removal of the state, religion and family, do not Talmudic laws, study Kabbalah for awhile and black magic, and they were claimed to practice sexual orgies and incest.

It is common for Christians to think that the Jews carrying side-curls are orthodox, i.e., Talmudic, Jews. Actually, they are Hasidic Jews, which have many similar teachings as Sabbateans. Hasidic Jews also consider Kabbalah as the highest teaching, believe in incarnation, and have Rabbis who say the Tetragrammaton, the Baal Shems.

Still there is a major difference: Hasidism is an accepted form of Judaism, while Sabbateans are expelled heretics. Sabbateans converted outwardly to any religion, like Catholism or Islam. Many of them appear as secular Jews. Many are not Jews at all. They hope to be the twelve tribes of Israel, so naturally not all of them can be from the two tribes, Judas and Benjamin, represented in present day Jews.

A small number of followers kept on believing and there is still living a community of Dönmeh in Turkey – outwardly Muslim, but secretly Jewish.

Young Turks who committed genocide had close connections with Dönmeh. Jewish bankers had accumulated great wealth in the middle ages by usury and were very influential in the Netherlands in the beginning of the 17th century. Orthodox Jews dreamt of a return to Palestine but could not return before the Messiah arises. In 1648 Sabbatai Zvi started claiming being the Messiah, finally about half of all Jews believed in him. Around the same time Baruch Spinoza presented his atheistic philosophy. Supporters of both Spinoza and Sabbatai Zevi created the Jewish Enlightenment, called Haskalah. England allowed the return of Jews in 1655.

Jews funded Oliver Cromwell to power and managed to get a strong hold of English economy. Three interwoven processes were started: Shabbatean movement with strong occult connections, spinozian movement leading to communism, and traditional economic take-over of nations.

The benign, non-revolutionary lodges of Freemasonry became largely infiltrated and used for the goals of these movements. The goal of all of these movements is to create one world run by the Chosen, the Jews, as a realization of Biblical prophesies. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the goal. Every other NWO theory is just a decoy.

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Written here: with added notes...

Rabbi Dr. Samuel Hayyim Falk the Ba’al Shem of London and Rosicrucians or other non-Jewish esoteric circles. Falk was a practical cabbalist and as a Ba’al Shem he very probably was a member of Nistarim. Falk was accused of being a Sabbatean. Nesta Webster made the claim that there was a connection between Falk, Cagliostro and Swedenborg. Falk moved to London some time after 1736. He was a neighbor of Emmanuel Swedenborg, so that connection is more than likely. It would be fascinating if there was a connection between Falk and Cagliostro, who was involved in the French revolution (in the necklace of Marie Antoinette). I have not been able to verify this connection. Whether there was a connection or not is of course not so relevant to the modern world, but it would clarify if the medieval Nistarim secret society had some direct effect to later developments. I have earlier written that medieval practical cabbalists probably were spreading the Black Death and doing ritual murders. But that was a long time ago. It is very possible that there is no direct connection and the closest connection between Freemasons and Cabbalists is Jacob Frank.

The connection between Freemasons and practical Cabbalists through Falk is not confirmed, but it is possible.

The later connection through Frank is certain. There are also well known connections between Freemasons and Zionists, such as Mordecai Noah.

There were connections between Communists and Zionists. Moses Hess (1812-1875) was both a Communist and a Zionist and strongly influenced Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This is nothing new: we know that the first Zionists were Communists and wanted to build Kibbutzes.

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Written here: with added notes...

but where there exactly? its just a huge collection of links...

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