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New users are set to /subscribed, so they'd have to venture to /all anyway. And sub muting is coming soon, d3rr said it's half-working in his tests already

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I don't like being preoccupied with perceptions, but for this place to grow, new folks' first view of the main page can't be all one or two subs - especially if they are kinda fringe ideas.

I hate to suggest this, but I think Reddit had a decent idea with the 'default subs' - at least during these early stages. As long as the moderation of these few defaults is solid (defined and kept on topic!) and the mods themselves are good, I think it would be beneficial.

I dunno, just a thought. Maybe there is a button on your settings page to 'subscribe to all subs' that comes with a warning to have some thick skin or something, and would subscribe to all available subs. You just wouldn't have that by default.

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New folk's view of the front page is actually the subscribed page with 70 hand-selected subs as of about a week ago. So your wish already came true

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Oh, cool, thanks.
I suppose they have default homepage set to 'Subscribed' as well then? If so, sounds good to me.

Edit: Now I see it says "Subscribed (default)" in the preferences, all good.

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Yup, it's default. Our new setup is much more the subscription behavior most people expect

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(where) can we see this list of subs?

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Tag that sub as "NSFW" and not showing NSFW subs to non-members by default.

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/u/d3rr is about to get some love

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I'm ready for love, oh baby I'm ready for love

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if new people who find this site cant handle it they don't belong here, they should stay in there reddit safe space for their own good

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Tbh I'm surprised we're already far and away the most active community on here. Maybe instead of silencing us by force, you could just be more active in other subsaidits? That would accomplish your goal as well as helping the site as a whole.

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s/Ice_Poseidon2 is the most active community

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I see. I guess we're merely the most talked about.

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Being active with quality posts and spamming are two different things. A lot of people are active on other subs but don't post nearly the amount of content that comes when a flood of new people all come from one place. It's a quality over quantity thing. Idt anyone wants anyone "silenced by force" on this site but we do like a bit of common courtesy & respect. We also appreciate quality posts that are enriching, funny, interesting, etc. This same situation happened when ice poisioning the 2nd came. There's an equilibrium to this site, that gets shifted when a new group comes, and we all have to learn to live in harmony. It generally happens naturally and I think this time will be no different. Everyone is welcomed on this site.

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There are a couple trolls (who we already banned over and over) who keep posting repetitive stuff and boosting it with their sockpuppet accounts, so we're actually getting annoyed at the same handful of people.

While our legitimate users do post shallow memes that are more akin to flashing a gangsign than making a joke at the moment, bear in mind most of us did just move in a few days ago and are getting familiar with the place. I assure you more interesting discussion is to come once we hit a critical mass (although the inside jokes and shallow memes will be a permanent feature).

In the meantime, perhaps you'd be interested in checking out /s/BlackPillScience or /s/chadfish if you're seeking quality, interesting posts with some depth to them, archived from reddit. One of them might cause you to question your preconceived beliefs about human relationship dynamics.

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I'm good, thanks though.

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When ya'll get to the interesting stuff, I'm interested, but not an incel by any stretch of the word. I do agree with others, a lot of what would appear to be 'spam-ish' is occurring right now, but as you've stated people are new to this site, and are just having some fun; totally get that.

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/s/BlackPillScience and /s/chadfish might be of interest to you. A lot of it blew my mind when I first learned about it.

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I don't even look to see what "sub" a comment comes from - I only look at the quality of the post, to see if I have anything to add.

I don't care if something comes from "Incels" or "GayMidgetNazis" sub.

You've been on reddit for too long - it will take a while to purge the tribal groupthink from your binary brain (us/them).

You'll be fine.

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I fully agree. Complaining about how “presentable” this website is to outside users is the first step towards censorship. This mentality is what led to the banning of so many subs on Reddit.

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I'll agree with this. I don't want to see a sub banned, but it is kind of annoying like it was with IP2 and OnA.

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Aside from the content of the sub, I sometimes want to get a bigger picture of what's going on throughout the site when checking /s/all. Dominance of any sub in this list won't give a holistic image of the site.

That said, if it's what's active and driving traffic, but not itself meriting removal as a sub from the site, why shouldn't that be reflected?

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Instead of silencing, I proposed repeating posts to be folded into one large block. So posts from the same sub, only shows 2 or 3 items.

But that takes some programming at server, or a little bit of javascript.

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no coincidence the type of subject mater getting posted on the most. it would be the same on reddit but they have the all artificially run with bot posts about MSM news and lame corporate approved memes

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Oh yeah I should've said, try going to

the "-incels" part will remove that sub from your all feed. We are working on sub muting too

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Tbh, I don't care about how new people experience saidit. They can fit in or fuck off.

All I care about is muting the spammy subs, and that's in the works.

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False, you are an incel and made this to get people on board.