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Show me content on SaidIt that is promoting violence? We're not here to fix the world, we're here to enable communication.

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I'm not going to argue with you. I believe what I have posted makes it self evident that the site is openly condoning harassment in the form of mods and admins endorsing a community that overwhelmingly cheers on someone entering another person's property without permission and shouting out a community who openly state their purpose- to harass and destroy their life. They believe themselves to be just due to the previous wrongdoings of the streamer. It is clear that the behavior on the side of the harassing community is escalating and nothing will be done to temper it.

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I'm not going to argue with you. I believe what I have posted makes it self evident that the flying spaghetti monster is openly leading humanity in the form of mods and admins, endorsing a religion that overwhelmingly cheers on someone flying over another person's property without permission and shouting out a religion who openly state their purpose- to harass and destroy opposing beliefs. They believe themselves to be chosen due to the previous wrongdoings of Christianity. It is clear that the behavior on the side of the flying spaghetti monster is escalating and nothing will be done to temper it.

[–][deleted] 10 insightful - 2 fun10 insightful - 1 fun11 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child) Lets talk about a community that overwhelmingly cheers on someone entering another person's property without permission, Ice himself trespassed onto property which he had not had permission to enter into (Vidcon 2018), in fact he was banned from there. He ended up having to go to court and do community service because of it, so don't try to play a double standard here when the person whom you support did the exact same thing.

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Or accidentally leaked his private messages on discord with a girl (who he met up with in person) who's 13 while he was live streaming that entertained the thought of a threesome or just him watching her and his current gf have at it..

one of the major things being discussed and looked into at the time that got ip2 deleted from reddit imho lol

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I don't want to argue either. I did my due diligence, you did yours. Hope you're having a good day.

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the thread has nearly 200 votes. moderators of the sub who don't understand what harassment is are encouraging the behavior. the streamer had someone talking about plans to kill them on their YouTube comments in the last week. how far do things have to go?

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God, I hate these IP2 Hate shills. You check their history and they always "pose as normal IP2 posters" for a few days, then go inactive for a month or more then pull this shit. Btw nice alt on u/justplainfacts. Getting ready to do the same thing in a few months ago I see.

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No answer to what I said so you're alleging that I'm an alt of the OP.

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Or it could be what you posted.

I believe what I have posted makes it self evident that the site is openly condoning harassment

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Yeah. The link to the thread with over 200 votes cheering IRL harassment with mod endorsement.

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creates account 5 hours ago.

Waits 2 hours to post, when this thread pops up

Is suddenly an expert in the subject matter on IP2 despite being a 5 hour old account.

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I created account after I saw the post I linked: You still have no rebuttal to what I posted- clear evidence of the mods and admins of this site condoning and encouraging harassment.

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Post on your main then. Cmon, no reason to hide.

Btw your little shtick of "here's flimsy evidence now ban these people I don't like!" won't work outside of Reddit.

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I do not believe that the admins will do anything to stop this behavior. There is no reason to. The community loves it and it makes them money.

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I do not believe that the admins will do anything to stop this behavior. There is no reason to. The community loves it and it makes them money.

I don't think you fully grasp the irony of this. Didn't this logic get you banned off Twitch?

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You believe you are talking to the streamer. You need a hobby.

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God damn dude, go back to reddit and cry there. No one gives two shits and a fuck about your little cry moment lmao

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fake news spread by Ice_Poseidon boot lickers from Discord.

IP2 is mostly a meme sub read the comments people do not condone it.

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go back to IP1 faggot, pretending like crackheads dont camp at Ice's place on a daily basis

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inb4 Piss makes a false flag incident ....Swatting probably again

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On a sidenote, we're all fairly sure this is Paul Denino on the alts right? and Mr. G of course attempting to be relevant (mentioning him only because I have to).

It reads almost identically to that one from a month or two ago, liike the writings of a z-list TV writer.

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It never fails to amaze me the lengths to which some people will go to rain on others' parade.

If you hate these people, the best that can happen is that a crime gets pinned on them. It would be like Boris Johnson dying of Wuhan virus. It's exactly what you wanted to happen, and you should be cheering the whole way.

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Show up and settle this /u/magnora7 , is this behaviour allowed in saidit? Just let us know and be done with it.

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14 hour account that's only posted in this thread. Another shithead OP alt or a coordinated effort.

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It was removed by mods, the screenshot is 22 minutes after it was posted. Things take time to be removed. The issue has been resolved.

Here are our terms and content policy:

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It's not indicated clearly but that link is removed from any listings on the site. You can check the moderator logs for the sub to verify it's removed

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Oh. Just saw this post:

So the admin condones the behavior too. Just posting for the historical record when someone ends up dead. People can trace through the events and realize that there were clear signs of danger and things could have been avoided.

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What?? lmao!!

SaidIt was in need of a server upgrade. The admins didn't really ask directly, but they said it would help in a post if they received some more patreons for server upgrades. This is part of what's keeping SaidIt advertiser (& censorship)-free.

IP2 is basically the only sub that's quarantined on SaidIt, and we as a community agreed to it; IP2's posts were flooding the front page so the admins asked IP2 to become a hidden sub. Since the admins had allowed us to host our community here, no-one had a problem with that request. Almost everyone in IP2 feels they owe SaidIt (not the other way around), so when the information about the server upgrades began to go around, IP2 took it upon themselves to create a post to inform others about the server situation & raise more money for SaidIt as a whole so they could afford the server upgrade cost, again, as a way of saying thank you for hosting our community unlike other websites who claim to support freeze peach.

I don't know what you think that link proves, but if anything, it just shows IP2 isn't as bad as you think it is - they weren't asked to help by the admins nor did they see the post that the admins made, but they informed their own community & helped the entire site out of their own volition. That's why one of the admins made that post, to say thank you.

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You are going about this so badly haha, what a fucking idiot.

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Just stating the obvious. The community is condoning IRL harassment and someone will end up dead as it escalates and continues. Admins have a financial incentive to allow it to go on, and the community loves it.

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There's no financial incentive, IP2 has cost us as least as much as they've donated. We had hardly had any site attacks before they arrived, and now we're forced to scale up our infrastructure.

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With more and more communities moving on from reddit it was wise to scale up that infrastructure for the future. Trust me one day someone big will mention this site and it will grow huge.

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I for one believe it. I mean, he does have the word facts in his name.

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The community overwhelmingly votes for it. Moderators condone it. The sub is encouraging people to break the law in plain view.

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As someone who came here with IP2, no, the sub encourages others not to break the law on daily basis. Even the top comment in the thread you linked to was against it lol. People make jokes, and there are streamers, not IP2 members, who like to cause drama and create "scripts", because scripts get them more donations (scripts are scripted content - when they're streaming things don't happen naturally, the drama was discussed beforehand, and everyone agreed to it for a dono bump. They may even pretend to be enemies in a stream, but are really working together to generate donations).

There are also streamers or people who were paid by streamers to post things in IP2, or say things were done by IP2, because IP2 points out the massive degeneracy these streamers participate in, like flirting with 12-year-old girls, and they're trying to get revenge. Ice is one of those streamers who was literally trying to have threesome with a little girl and his girlfriend.

Alt accounts get exposed everyday on that sub.

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Enza knows

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I linked to a mod encouraging this behavior. Jammin. The act itself garnered over 200 votes. This is clearly encouraging it, even if a few people express their displeasure in the comments. Stop gaslighting and take some accountability.

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Lmao, the majority of IP2 doesn't even like them. They never selected or agreed to them as mod. There are hate threads about them everyday. I'm not gaslighting, visit IP2 every day for one week, and see for yourself.

Notice how everyone but Jammin has upvotes in the link you supplied? lol

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How was I encouraging anything? I said it wasn't illegal which it isn't, this guy has been on streams multiple times with Ice Poseidon and has been inside his house and they are clearly still friends trying to cause fake scripted drama. Do you think him shouting IP2 through his door while filming himself is illegal? You guys need to try harder, your bullshit is so obvious step up your game son.

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I see several people saying it's crazy and a bad idea.