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What sub did you reply in? The feminist subs will censor you. They are allowed to because they explicitly state they do this and they have been removed from /all. This has been explained numerous times. If it wasnt a feminist sub do you have a screenshot of what happened?

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She said it in s/LGBDropTheT, which even on Reddit, had a rule stating "trancel" is not allowed. It's the same here.

As per SaidIt rules, since we are censoring certain speech, we have removed ourselves from r/all, state it in our sidebar, and will be revamping our Wiki rules/FAQs to state it even more clearly as well.

OP is not a victim. She ran into a sub she didn't read the rules of, and is complaining about the consequences afterwards. Obviously, she also didn't read the rules of the site either. Boo-fucking-hoo.

Additionally, u/magnora7 has a stickied post in this sub talking about not only the recent DDS attacks, but about how bad faith participants are already trying to astroturf and refine the community.

Us mods see shit like what OP did and just laugh among ourselves, like, "did you really think you could pull that one over on us?"

We came from Reddit, and we've dealt with waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy worse than that shitty little petty attempt at reforming our sub with passive-aggressiveness. It's so obviously dragging down the Pyramid, and also our very purpose.

I can recommend a few subs, if OP wants freedom to talk in those terms without recourse. I don't think that's the goal though, the goal is to insert that language and speech and tone into a community that doesn't welcome it and slowly overrun it.

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The fact that OP hasn't replied to this tells you all you need to know.

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Yep, it was a feminist sub. So apparently those people just want to become the same kind of people they're fighting against. They don't want to stop oppression, they're just envious they aren't the oppressors. Anyway, if this site starts banning at random like Reddit, I'll be leaving it.

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Lol you didn't read the rules and now you're bitching. Your comment is still visible and it was clearly a violation of their rule against slurs.

A lot of trans women have retained their male aggression and entitlement.

That's because

1) they're still 200% men;

2) they're men who hate women.

Not speaking for all transwomen, but for the trancels who make the great majority of the current "trans lobby". Transwomen make like, 0,1% of the population. Women-hating trancels who now "identify as women" however, are in the hundreds.

Communities are allowed to create their own standards if they take themselves off of /s/all and warn users about their higher standards at the top of their rules, as /s/LGBdroptheT does. So you went to an unlisted sub and then broke their rules and now you feel like you've been victimized?

Did you, like, not use reddit that much? Communities were allowed to have their own standards since the beginning, and they still showed up on /r/all. It has always been that way, even when they were so open that they had a fucking jailbait subreddit.

You're not being "censored" for getting the boot after jumping into a new community without bothering to read the rules of engagement.

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Sounds like you're taking it reeeaally personal. You a trancel or somethin'?

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Nope, just tired of smoothbrains that think the world revolves around them.

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So, you're tired of yourself?

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Any sub explicitly stating it censors, and removing itself from /s/all, is allowed to do so.

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This. OP is basically upset about not knowing the rules of the website

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If you seek trans-critical places, I'd recommend s/LGBDropTheT. The radical feminist communities tend to be full of shameless and naked misandry, unlike LGB communities. It should be fine even if you're straight. They don't tend to care in my experience. Check out the rules. There are some terms disallowed also. Why, I'm honestly not sure. I don't see why they would be against terms like tranny or TiM/TiF, especially since what those acronyms stand for (trans-identified male/female) is allowed.

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Lol that's where he got banned from. I posted his comment that got him banned elsewhere in this thread if you're curious.

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Expect tons of this. Lots of crying and whining and "OMG CENSORING!!" because they want to take over, not make something of their own. Otherwise they'd be making their own pages. All while not realizing any page can make its own rules including keeping uppity trolls out.

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I don't know about a troll, but this dude is certainly uppity. He's had multiple people tell him that subs not listed on /s/all are allowed to censor and he's still acting like his ban was unreasonable.

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Read the rules for the site you dingus. If a sub wants to censor it cannot be a part of /s/all. GenderCritical and other wokeism subs will exist here and ban people because they are leftists, it is in their nature.

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What about all the people who identity as trancels? They are denying their existence. Report those mods to the thought police immediately.

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Any sub is allowed to censor if they state that they do so, however it gives a strong argument against whatever cause they are championing by not allowing any discussion.

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moderators shouldn't be allowed to censor on any subs, with enough reports the moderator should be replaced, i also got banned from /s/altunitedkingdom/

so ya, it will eventually turn into reddit 2.0

thats why i stopp donating bitcoin until they solve the banning problem