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you guys are 15 years behind the competition

We are here because we don't like the competition. More users will not make Saidit better, the unique & intelligent voices here will be drowned out by bots & the lowest common denominator users that plague other sites.

Perhaps you have witnessed when a small reddit sub becomes popular. r/TheGirlSurvivalGuide was one I liked and was once a popular contributor in. It took only one mention in AskReddit as "an advice sub that doesn't give the same shitty advice as other advice subs" for people to flock to it.

And guess what they did? The influx of new users made it exactly like every other shitty advice sub on reddit. It's the online version of gentrification, where wealthy people drive up the prices and drive out the people, atmosphere, & culture that made the areas desirable in the first place.

If you have an idea how we could get more quality people, I'm all ears.

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Yep, this is what drove me off 4chan. /lit/ Was the last remaining good board, but the normies turned it into a board about sci-fi and fantasy books. I started frequenting leddit after that. That site was still decent at the time. It contains a lot more subcommunities than 4chan, so it was easier to find smaller ones. Nonetheless, it wasn't quite as good as 4chan before the influx. Leddit is a place for normies after all.

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yah I feel you but I think gotta balance being quirky and growing, otherwise every 90% of theads never have comments

no growth means less donations, less justification for admins to keep the project alive

I don't think most Reddit normies gonna register here anyways

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3- noindex threads with less than 10 comments or whatever, this is a big one to improve crawling and indexing

So basically noindex the whole website? : ^ )

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probably more than 50% yeah but that's how to improve crawling and indexing the popular content

would still be better than current poor % of indexed pages

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I feel like it doesn't even matter anymore, big media companies will just hand-pick what they want to become popular and toss everything else.