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Cloudflare has been surprisingly pro net neutrality for a company of their size, and serves sites like The Nation of Islam, Gab, and, and in the past it served Daily Stormer, which they dropped only due to political pressure. I've seen people speculate that the recent dropping of Kiwi Farms was likewise due to pressure. As a consequence of this, they've been harassed by the ADL. Criticism of Cloudflare should therefore be viewed with skepticism.

The article starts by raising legitimate concerns, but ends with the unfounded claim that Cloudflare is a honeypot. Are they being tapped by the NSA? This is implied, but there's no evidence of that. In what way is it a honeypot?

I have accessed Saidit exclusively through Tor. Yes, often I'm throttled out of accessing the website and then I come back later. At other times it takes 5 seconds to start a session, during which I look at another tab before coming back. I'm almost never served a captcha, and when I am, changing the circuit for Saidit usually works. Yes, I have to have JS enabled. But disabling it will break many websites separate from their use of Cloudflare. Personally I've given up on browsing without JS. Browsing Saidit like this is doable for me, although I'll admit it's a nuisance.

At the bottom of that page, you'll see that one of the people who's criticizing Cloudflare is Isis Agora Lovecruft, who defamed Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project in 2016, and Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd in 2019, in both cases by accusing them of rape. Appelbaum denied the accusations and he was never charged with a crime. Peter Todd sued Lovecruft for defamation, and if I'm interpreting this page correctly, he partially won that case. Appelbaum also testified for this case.

Why am I bringing this up? Because it's shady. I've always suspected that there was a hidden CIA hand in those accusations, as part of their effort in neutralizing high-profile activists. Appelbaum had to leave the Tor Project, after all. If my intuition is correct, that could be a hint that the entire page you linked to is part of a coordinated attack against Cloudflare.

I do find that Cloudflare disrupts the Tor browsing experience in general, but that's because of the settings. Saidit attracts much more attention from adversaries with DDoS capabilities than the average website, yet their settings are such that it's still browsable, so clearly that's possible.

Cloudflare fulfills legitimate needs, such as a reverse proxy and DDoS protection. I've looked at, but it doesn't provide an alternative for either of these things. What do you recommend? I'm genuinely curious. I'm considering going with Cloudflare for my project Rabbit Hole, although admittedly I don't feel entirely comfortable partaking in such centralization.

See also: Is Cloudflare a privacy champion or hate speech enabler?

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They are not the only people who wrote about Cloudflare even the gnu project hates Cloudflare, matter of fact I remember a couple of years ago ice cat (the gnu fork for Firefox) was blocking Cloudflare by default.

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Where's the list of CloudFlare alternatives? Where's a guide to help me setup my own DDOS protection?

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There's BitMitigate which is owned by Epik, and a Russian company called DDOS-Guard.

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I was always hesitant to speculate about the / connection. But given the strong evidence suggesting that Alex died in 2015, it is clear that was run by malicious people who were impersonating the real go1dfish. I think it's pretty clear that they are very adjacent to government, which would implicate both cloudflare ant as well.

Either way, get fucked loser.

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All it takes is an open mind to accept the truth, either way, Calling Anyone Names has never and Will never generate enlightenment.

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I apologize for his behaviour, he's our residential mentally ill person.

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You know what else doesn't generate enlightenment? Attempting to murder an innocent civilian because you're so greedy that you just need their entire life savings and they can't have even a dime back.

Or maybe not. Maybe, after all, stimulating someone's noggin with 50 kilowatts of energy, every day for 7 months turns out to raise iq, granted enough neuronal fluid is being provided to what would otherise be an environment rich in neuronal death.

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Also, you can read about Cloudbleed from Cloudflare themselves.


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Until we get serious about formal code verification then technocratic fascism is the only answer.