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wait what do you mean?Im on Lemmy too not sure What you are aiming at here.

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I mean, instead of saidit maintaining its Separate codebase, they could switch website into a lemmy instance, Which will solve a lot of issues.

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You think so? My thing is that lemmy is dead as hell, and ppl arnt really into the fediverse thing

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Will my take is if you combine those 2 projects, the results are going to be:

— an active site from both sides.(Meaning booth websites, users interacting with each other).

— Lower Development Cost from saidit team.(as the main team are going to be maintaining the codebase)

— lemmy at its current stage is too big to fail (You Can Look at the Linux Foundation donation), while on the other hand, saidit is a one-man show.

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good job trying to impose a bunch of changes on other people and then deleting your account out of shame.

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Lemmy tries to reverse auto-control your opinion.

Wouldn't even switch, if I was given $5000 for it.

You guys normally rather "try" to get on those two other boards, with one of them being invite-only.

Thankfully, you got me.