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You can spot a socks alt from a single comment

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Oof thats me. 😞 lowers head in shame

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    When I can recognize any new alt of any regular saidit user by a single comment. I like to tell myself its because I'm so brilliantly perceptive, which of course I am, but I have to admit it also means I spend a pathetic amount of time reading the ramblings of mental patients.

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    Or is able to spot AI-speak!

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    You've ordered dozens of bone conduction headphones but none have been delivered yet.

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    This is the best one imo.

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    /all is full of my posts ...

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    When you forget the word cisgender.

    My day was so fine until I was called it the other day. Then reality sank in.

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    Edward makes a thread about your mom being a whore.

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    It means he likes you.

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    Shit, I'm in trouble now!!!

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    You read 'democrats' as 'demonrats'.

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    You start to miss JasonCarswell.

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      Well, parts of Mein Kampf were accepted and published by a feminist journal after they just replace every instance of "Jews" with "men".

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      Well yeah, feminism is the co-opting of the Christian social ordering that was upheld by women shaming to shame people to do better. It was more of a hijacking of the way women think and gatekeep by reprogramming what is socially acceptable. You can't change the nature of women but you can give them the wrong targets to aim towards.

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      I guess /u/being-poisoned has a point.

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        No he doesn't.

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          Here I was about to compliment you on your hilarious Mein Kampf comment.

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            Hopefully you are joking? You've been awful quiet, though...

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            On SaidIt much like reddit you start embracing pararadoxes in hateful ideology.

            On Reddit: You manage to lump Libertarians and Facists in as the same group. Anyone remotely right wing even if it's just in economic policy is somehow a Nazi.

            On SaidIt: You manage to lump Jews, Satanists, Communists and Pedophiles in as the same group (literally someone just told me these were the same thing).

            On Reddit You suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. You are obsessed with Trump to the point you believe the paradox that he's simultaneously an idiot and an evil genius mastermind. You believe he colluded with Russia, even though all evidence points to no meaningful association, but DAMN THE FACTS!

            On SaidIt You suffer from Biden Derangement Syndrome. You are obsessed with his fuck up son Hunter and think his laptop and his coke addiction have meaningful association with the president himself. You somehow think that senile old man is capable of anything more than sniffing baby heads? Kamala I'd buy, she's basically Hillary Clinton mark 2.0 now in brown skin for extra diversity points, but she's basically out of everyone's heads now for some reason.

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            Name checks out.

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            Prove it. Try to downvote me! Hit that downvote button as hard as you can.

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            Oh tell me enlightened one where the true ailments of society come from...

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            Ailments usually come from viruses, bacteria, fungal infections or genetic disorders, though they can also occur from toxic chemicals or poisons.

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            Go fuck yourself

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            I tried a few times in my teens, but my dick wasn't long enough to reach my asshole.

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            You suffer from Biden Derangement Syndrome.

            I'm interested in your Biden theory.

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            Biden imo is a senile, pussy, yes-man. He's been a yes-man his entire career and he managed to get into power largely because he is so easy to control and manipulate, and he's considered relatively likable.

            Biden covered for Obama, he covered for the Clintons. He did exactly what the DNC wanted him to do, and when Trump beat Hilary, he was considered a safe bet in the next election because he's so bland and plain that he appealed to moderates too, who had been fed a steady stream of hyperbole about Trump for 4 years straight at that point. Anyone with an ounce of sanity can realize our country right now is so divided it's fucking itself over left and right. We pass legislation now based on spite for "the other side" rather than what will be good for the country on the whole. Biden was marketed as someone who wouldn't do much of anything and might give our country a chance to heal and get over Trump derangement syndrome, which is one of the reasons why even people who didn't like him still voted for him.

            I don't think the election was quite as fraudulent as the right makes it out to be, but I do think there was definitely some double dipping going on. It's literally the only reason why the anti-voter ID nonsense makes any sense, so on that part I actually agree with the right more than the left, and I think the Jan 6th "insurrection" was a valid protest with a valid concern that should have been taken more seriously. Comparatively it did practically no damage compared to the entire summer of BLM "mostly peaceful" protests that did ungodly amounts of damage.

            Biden's son Hunter is a fuckup. He is 100%. I have zero doubt that he betrayed state secrets and such for personal gain. I have no doubt that Biden covered for him and was probably even a participant in some of the things he did. I absolutely want the laptop to be exposed and I want to see what's been there. But I kind of doubt that Biden really did anything awful on his own, he just doesn't have the balls or the mental wherewithal.

            But think about it this way. When the left went crazy exaggerating things about Trump or taking him out of context, and YOU saw them doing this, did it do anything to convince you that this stuff was true? Or did it maybe drive you further into thinking that Trump really is something of a martyr and pariah in our society?

            We aren't getting anywhere by just bringing up the laptop non-stop. You have to try to bring it up more strategically if you want to change minds. Ask people what they think is on the laptop (kind of like you just did to me asking about my Biden theory), but try to do it in a non-accusatory way so that people actually think about it for a second instead of being put on the defensive and dismissing you as a crackpot. That's what I think.

            Edit: Also as a side note. Tom, you are one of my favorite users on this site along with Phooey. Just thought you should know. But you have more insightful comments than most of the people on here.

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            You manage to lump Jews, Satanists, Communists and Pedophiles in as the same group (literally someone just told me these were the same thing).

            These are the same thing, it's true

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            That literally makes no sense is so many ways.

            Firstly Jews and Satanists are completely different things. Jesus was a Jew. Judaism is the basis of both Christianity and Islam. They are all the same religion with Christianity and Islam both just adding a bit extra to it. 2/3rds of the bible is shared with Judaism. How in God's name could they be "Satanists". They could be practicing the wrong path of the religion. They could be being manipulated by Satan, but they are literally on team God.

            Secondly we all know the stereotype about Jews and money right? Why would they ever want communism? They are the most direct beneficiaries of capitalism. It's through capitalism they were able to rise to such power, and they know it.

            Also worth noting btw Communism and Liberalism are actually antithetical too. This is semantics because in the U.S. we often use "liberal" to mean left. But Liberalism is the belief in maximization of personal freedoms. Capitalism came out of liberalism. It's basically economic liberalism. This is why in most of the world the liberal party is actually their right wing party, like Australia for example.

            The Pedophile thing, yeah, pedophiles exist everywhere. ESPECIALLY in Christianity. My mother literally made a career out of fighting pedophilia. You may have seen her on the news. She's one of the people who took down the Catholic Church. But what didn't make the news was how many other denominations of Christianity also had rampant sex abuse, but yes pedophilia was also present in one of the Jewish private schools in our area, and a leader of an Islamic community center. They are literally everywhere, but because people put too much faith in them, Christian denominations are by far the most prevalent in the US right now, both in terms of sheer number, and in per capita.

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            Jesus was 1/2 Jew at most. You filthy kikes invented Judaism after getting jealous of Christianity's popularity.

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            Have you even read the bible dude? You are literally denying Christ right now.

            Jesus is very proud of being Jewish, he just thinks Jewish people had drifted from the right path and was sent by god to correct the path.

            Islam basically believes the same thing, just that Jesus was only a prophet, not the son of God nor a messiah. They think that Muhammad was tapped by God to issue a second course correction of the faith.

            For that matter, Mormons also believe that Christianity had lost it's path and that Joseph Smith was told to correct the Christians on what they believe. But they also believe in all sorts of kookie things like that Israel was originally in what is now the US and that God lives near the star/planet Kolob.

            Judaism predates Christianity by quite some time. The only other religions that Jesus even could have been raised under would have been pagan, unless he practiced Zoroastrianism, which is the only other monotheistic religion that was around at the time, and is unlikely. That would have basically meant that Jesus was Persian at that time.

            Also you can't be 1/2 Jew when both your parents are Jewish and The Christian God IS the same God as the Jewish God. That's why Christianity is literally only an add on to the Jewish Tanakh.

            And no, I'm not Jewish. Nice try though. I do have a Muslim grandfather, but that's as far as it gets. He married an Irish Catholic. My other side of the family is all Christian Protestant.

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            You start blaming the Jews for the underwhelming coffee and donut you ate this morning.

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            Seriously though, coffee and sugar were both superior when Jews were running the trans Atlantic trade in ... stuff.

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            And now I have to pay near £4 for a decent cappuccino, it's criminal.

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            You buy bone conduction headphones.