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someone probably made a comment critical of Israel or something.

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I think there was a post that compared Israel to Nazi Germany. It got nuked.

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Israel has basically said they're looking to implement a final solution for Gaza....

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Guys I meant Saidit 😂

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yeah this site has been broken for awhile, keeps making me click a cloudflare box to prove I'm not a bot every 5 minutes, makes it suck to use so I haven't been coming here lately.

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We have lots of posts about that, it is the Fight Bot Mode which is well known for this, as well as breaking sites. Kind of a rock and a hard place... either we got mad bots or we have to re-cloudflare every 2.5 seconds. I keep a separate tab open to just click new when I need to re-cloudflare.... but it is SO annoying.

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yeah it is annoying, i am not saying I have the solution to that, but the site has already been dying and is mostly bots and this won't help. And do they really think there are no scripts that let a bot click a box that says they are a human?

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There are captcha stuff out there, for sure, and they cost $$. Do you think Redditors have money to throw towards this site? The cloudflare stuff is more than just a captcha, lots going on behind the scenes.... and the bots have gone down a LOT since I joined up. When I report spam posts they get deleted pretty quick as well... so I mean it IS getting better for sure. ANNOYING.... but getting better.

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do they think this is just random reddiors doing it? I thought magnora was implying it was something more powerful like reddit itself, or corporations or govts. They all do a lot to control the internet.

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Honestly would not put it past them. Any company happy with being owned by China, participating in massive censorship, promoting dangerous mental illnesses, and just being all round utter pieces of shit (and probably breaking laws promoting illegal speech like calling for violence against people) sure would be up for buying bots to try and sabotage the competition. That said, govts? That one is a leap a little too far. No govt is going to give two shits about a tiny site like saidit. It is just too small to be any real concern, yes growing (yay) but still just too small to be on that radar.

In the post I had made about cloudflare, I went out of my way to post a bunch of possible solutions, that could MAYBE help, and would not kill us with re-verification every 2.3 seconds.... so trying to be part of the solution not just bitch, but really all I can do is complain and make suggestions. It is SUPER annoying, and I am still not sure if that vs spam is worth.... but I am starting to come around with the massive drop in shit posts. I heard we will get a group of people that will police for bots and spam crap, and I commented on my hesitation for that, because while it certainly can work, that is how Reddit became what it is, corruption from mods.

If it was something as simple as "we need $x a month to make this all go away, I am betting everyone here would be happy to pony up at LEAST $1 a month.... but unfortunately money does not always fix all problems.

(just typing this post, I had to re-verify)

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The cloudflare attack was frontrunning the attack on Gaza.

The alleged "Hamas attack" using gliders to fly over the prison walls is buffoonish beyond words.

I haven't heard a single plausible explanation for this "attack". There's no rational objective.

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There's no rational objective.

Maybe that is yet to unfold.

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What do they have to gain from hair-brained glider stunts?

This is Hollywood movie style nonsense.

They removed the border guards in advance of the stunt. It was a false flag.

They're already being rationed food and water. They cut off the water shortly after the "attack".

It's absurd.

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weirdness when i logged in here 403 errors on every other commenting ive done

i open a window off a linky and it reverifies and then the comment 'save' works

"Checking if the site connection is secure"

like what just happened just trying save this comment