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We could just all hang out in s/conspiracy from now on 😎

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We should hang out in /s/ZomsVibe.

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I make good use of the block user feature. I've done enough self house cleaning that I don't really get a lot of spam. I spend about 10 minutes a week blocking user that are obvious bots and it seems to work well. Checking their karma credit and length of time they have been on the site helps.

Also u/In-the-clouds made a good comment last week about using the friends button. I've been pretty generous with it and it's working good for me. The trick is to add everyone even if you don't really agree with them. The strength of this site is it's openess to allow everyone to speak even if they are an asshat. If you are just looking for an echo chamber there are plenty of other sites for that.

I think one good feature would be to make it a lot harder to create a new accounts. If you could make it difficult enough that most bots can't auto create accounts that would make a big improvement.

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Agree with all your points, I block a few spammy accounts here and there and I'm not having much of an issue. I had an idea for a social media site where you had to pay a small amount, possibly in crypto, to create an account in order to combat spam. I don't think that would work here though.

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Let's ban socks!

Talking about ideas here, publicly, where good buddy Edward himself may see, is not good.

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Let's ban socks!

I feel iffy about it. He has some explaining to do for certain. It seems like he is logging the chat which really shows he's acting in bad faith. On the other hand, it should not devolve into censorship or excluding someone because we don't like him. Even when it comes to citing BS MM sources, I still want people to determine for themselves what they find convincing and what they don't.

Talking about ideas here, publicly, where good buddy Edward himself may see, is not good.

Good point, but on the other hand, what can he do about it? I still want the users to see this post. I'm also doing this for the morale boost.

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Unless he advocates violence again, I don't think socks should be banned.

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I second this.

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Am just messin around.

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Whenever I see a spam post in the feed, I check that it's a spam account, then report & block the account, hoping to make it easy for m7 to clean up the spam queue whenever he has time to work on that.

Also upvote posts by people I recognize.

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Until someone who is terminally online AND cares AND is a programmer AND is not a leftard comes along, this is the way.

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Any trustworthy Canadians who've been here for a while and would like to mod s/Canada, hit me up!

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There is no fixing Canada.

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Hopefully, the next election will allow us an opportunity.

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Good one.

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I am Le Canuck and Canada needs some TLC right now. I used to be u/Optimus85 but changed my handle since I'm angrier now. ( •̀ •́ )

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Come down to u/Zapped's place with me when the SHTF. We'll probably end up murdered by cannibals from the city, but we can make a good accounting until the end manning the walls of the compound.

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When the SHTF...Would that be January 23rd?

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Why, what have you heard?

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I incorrectly assumed US elections were being held on January 23rd. I thought I heard it in a Nikki Haley or Howard Dean electoral commercial.

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The US presidential election will take place on November 5, 2024. It's just primaries going on now.

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Yeah, the American electoral process isn't something I'm super well-versed in. But it makes for an entertaining spectacle.

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    Invite sent!

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    Thank you!

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    You like the anime that much?

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    Not really. It's mostly nostalgia.

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    Ask jason

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    Your best idea you've come up with is just to rehash what bP did with nary a moment of thought. It's unsurprising your country is irrelevant when copying Americans is all you can achieve.

    It doesn't matter, we can't save an abandoned site. Unless u/Magnora7 starts caring about this place all we'd accomplish is burning out our best users doing a thankless job.

    Just enjoy what you can here before the whole shit house goes up in flames.

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    Yes, though I'd add:

    Every individual user who wants to moderate a sub should PM u/Magnora7 with a request to moderate the sub, and give as evidence their post and comment history that they have behaved in good faith at Saidit. They should ask him on the weekends. This is because he's obviously not had the time to develop a broad plan for new mods and admins. What I've seen in the past year or so is that he'll consider individual requestions. And if the first proposal doesn't work, try again in a few weeks. What Saidit needs, /u/LarrySwinger2, is enough people who want to add posts and serve as mods. When D3 added mods a while ago, there was renewed activity, but it was not sustained, because not enough users here bother to upvote posts and get engaged. If posts are more interesting and more users are interested in them, I think that's what will help the most. (And agreed - mods have to be willing to remove the spam more often.)

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    This place is fucking dead unless we have a dev to maintain it.

    u/x0x7 might be willing. I know m7 is super reluctant to trust anyone but the dude is solid and it can't be worse than D3, who I kinda suspect broke chat on purpose because he was drunk.

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    Perhaps an asksaidit post in due course nominating u/x0x7

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    I don't know it'd amount to anything, on paper this site is evaluated at almost $150k and M7 doesn't really know any of us enough to trust with that.

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      Elon Musk paid $44bn for Twitter and that place is kinda a shithole.

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        I don't own the site, so if I found someone who would give me money for it that would be awesome.

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          It's not worth that much. I've seen that before too because I wanted to valuate some of my sites but also wanted to sanity check it with other sites I'm on. On every kind of site that does that sort of thing Saidit is always absurdly high while sites like Poal are only a little high too be believable. Maybe it's just total number of links. But for a site with about 60 real active users it's hobbieware, just like everything I own, which means it really is worth ~$100. There's nothing wrong with that. It becomes more reasonable to consider that something you put a lot of time into isn't a wild success when you consider that people are enjoying what you made and that's why it was made. But sites like these aren't really worth anything.

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          I'm up to help however. I've already dominated spammers before with something kind of like AI. It's like a lazy man's transformers which works well for titles, domains, and urls. If a human can tell something is spam so can a bot. We can make it only take out the most obvious.

          If anyone cares to know how it works it's pretty simple.

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          Sounds like a plan but it seems like bots are only one small part of problem here.

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          Solving the bot problem is IMO quite easy:
          Forget the front page - there are too many un-modded subs
          Just bookmark & go to two subs:

          • for all the easy going stuff: (say) s/zomsvibe
          • for serious discussion: (say) s/wellbeing, or any one of the subs u/zapped mods - so that he can add mods


          but it seems like bots are only one small part of problem here.

          Indeed, the newer, obvious bots are just a cover for the real misdirection ---by pre-existing, regular accounts
          because let's face it - no one here is even discussing solving the real problem:
          We need Full Spectrum Resolution to end Full Spectrum Usurpation

          Edit to add - to be more precise:
          Full spectrum de-Agency-ficatiton led to full spectrum Usurpation
          We need:
          Full spectrum Re-Agency-fication for full spectrum Resolution

          All it takes is - Direct Change by everyone i.e. Aggregated Agency:
          Avoid the modern day 'sirens' and the 'cul-de-sacs" people are being corral-led towards
          Have Accretive Dialogue for Sustaining Systems

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          Nothing can be fixed or improved because humanity has turned to shit.

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            Hey, Copilot write an Adolph Hitler speech about humanity.

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            Additionally, we can experiment with increasing the strictness of the spam filter. We can even make it so posts / comments have to be approved manually. We could do this as a way of transitioning into an approved posters only mode, until we've built a decent list.

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            themotte approves new users posts and themotte sucks. don't be themotte

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            It certainly does suck and is meant as a temporary fix. Hopefully we can combine an automatic filter with manual effort so that established users aren't hindered, and new users can still participate. The ChatGPT spam will especially drive users away if we don't address it.

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            These are good ideas, but ultimately magnora7 needs to add some more content admins. I also think we should try to avoid putting subs restricted, as it will block new genuine users from participating.

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            Never censor

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            I hated Reddit moderators. I don’t want that shit here.

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            Oh yeah, I should've been explicit about that. This is purely to combat spam.

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            The fire was started by the Reddit Moderators to gain power here.

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            Better start cranking out my water skills