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I think saidit want's us to leave.

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I won't leave but I will complain until the site owners get rid of it. Why tf do you need it anyway there are only 10 people on this stupid site?

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Yeah, we did relax it, a couple months ago. The spam got unbearable, immediately.

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just have a post limit for people without a certain amount of upvotes then like what reddit does. I don't even mind spam but if that's the issue there's an easy solution.

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Karma throttling has its own problems. It leads to people mass-downvoting just to suppress opinions they don't like.

Account age throttling is another option, but it also has its own problems. It leads to people joining, realizing they can only post once every ten minutes, and then never coming back.

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Just do an upvotes only mechanic like twitter. And yeah account age would be a good way to stop spam why the fuck do they torture us with this bullshit when they can just do that? Nobody else is joining this shit site anyway as long as the captchas are still there.