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I saw a bunch get removed from earlier. Whenever I see obvious spam I just report it and hopefully makes it easier on whoever is trying to get a handle on it. I'm sure they're not watching 24/7 obsessively like the typical reddit mod.

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I was made moderator of two accounts, s/Saidit and s/AskSaidIt, and I remove a lot of spam posts and try to ban the bot accounts (because they'll just keep coming back daily; I've seen it happen) but I can't remove them from the site entirely. I've never banned a human account on here, and unless someone is hardcore harassing me in my own sub, I don't intend to.

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They are banned. They come back under new names. We don't have a sophisticated system for pre-emptively blocking them.

And like another user said, new accounts should be limited to how much they can post in a single day.

Maybe that would be a net positive, but it would have a chilling effect on actual new people. When you show up to a forum for the first time and post a few things and then it says "no more," you tend to kinda move on and forget about that forum.

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Bone conduction

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I only can moderate s/News I have no power over the other subs. If you see Spam, report it to the moderators.

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When you ban them they make different names and then you have to find them again.

This is why Phooey quit and Vulptex was saying that but he didn't get it.

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I try to ban anyone who's spamming ads in the forums I moderate, but that info doesn't get cross-referenced to the other forums. It would be useful if it were.

I offered quite a while back to pay for someone to program some better site-wide moderation tools, but it seems Mag7 doesn't trust giving anyone that level of access to the site lest it get hijacked like Reddit. And since D3rr is gone, we don't have anyone to turn to on the technical front.