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I got banned from Cringepics for a few years after my ex flipped out that I posted something from her facebook (where some guy was being super cringy), but I eventually got the ban removed.

I just don't do enough on Reddit to really get banned otherwise.

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I do still browse. There's just so much happening there, too much good stuff to ignore. But with all the new bans and craziness that's going on it is not looking good for the old reddit we all loved.

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I called out an obvious JIDF shill in a comment thread, and he complained to reddit admins who apparently dug 6 months back in to my history to find a minor infraction that broke the site rules, and banned me for it.

I was kind of dumbfounded. That's when I knew it was over for reddit.

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Damn. That's wild! The power definitely went to their heads.
I thought it would be funny to make this post because of how many folks here have probably had similar experiences

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Yeah I imagine half of all reddit users are banned or something by now, and I wish I was joking.

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Nah, I'm not baned from all of Reddit, just OffMyChest.

Commented in TumblrInAction because two people were saying how they sarcastically loved each other and I went "Well I love everyone!" trying to bring some wholesomeness into it.

Got banned by the automod, thought briefly about going to Voat, remembered all of Voat is an absolute shithole, stayed,

Now they're banning Piracy and Crackwatch so I came here.

Keeping my reddit for the Eddsworld sub though. Until there's an Eddsworld subsaidit I'm keeping my Reddit account.

Wouldn't ever delete though, I've got some karma there I wanna keep. (3451 last I checked.)

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The JIDF was a 4chan meme with little to seemingly support it. I had a friend in the JIDF and she said it was disbanded years ago after one of the founders started being anti-christian.

I suspect they mostly stuck to facebook, anyways.

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Not a 4chan meme, a real organization. They hire Israeli college students for cheap.

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I doubt they hired Israeli college students, that was probably the Israeli military doing that. The JIDF's effectiveness was probably much more limited than what 4chan always claimed. For example, I've been called a JIDF shill. Everyone who disagrees with pol is a JIDF shill.

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I'm banned from offmychest. I haven't posted there yet or gotten confirmation, but I posted on watchredditdie and apparently offmychest uses autoban bots (which are against the rules but hey, long as Spez's dick is kept wet, he's fine with rules being broken. Only if it doesn't benefit him does he care)

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I got banned on r/drugs about a year ago. Some drama went down with the mods and I created the glorious revolution r/moredrugs. 47 minutes, 500 subscribers, and reddit gold latter and where shut down. I was eventually let back into the sub but then reddit banned my account permanently