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If 2 encounters out of 5000 users is enough to make you have a meltdown, you're going to need to develop thicker skin. We simply cannot control things to that level. I did issue a warning for the AOC title, calling her "a bitch" is the bottom of the pyramid of debate. It's being addressed. Comments and posts like that should be reported, ideally.

You gotta be patient. People are going to disagree. People have been warned about their level-dragging on the pyramid of debate in the instances you speak of. I don't know what else I can do other than to just start banning people willy-nilly at the first sight of being slightly mean, and then this site is no longer a community resource but a dictatorship, and I don't think anyone wants that. I certainly don't.

We're applying the pyramid of debate, with a kind of "3 strikes you're out" type of approach. The community will never be flawless, it will be an ever-evolving process. We all have to try our best to raise the level of discourse, and the more we do, the more the emotional vitriol will stand out like a sore thumb, and the more easy it will be to remove it.

Be patient, be kind, be forgiving, and remember the pyramid of debate. It'll be ok. Some of the reddit rejects are nice people :) We just have to give time for things to filter out and for people to show their true colors, and apply the pyramid of debate. It will never be perfect, but will always be improving. That I can promise you.

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Comments and posts like that should be reported, ideally.

How exactly? Current reporting for posts/comments don't list anything like "pyramid of debate" as a report reason.

Also not sure if you're talking about reports going to Saidit admins, or reports going to the sub mods (who may or may not care about the pyramid of debate).

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We will update the report button form, that's a good idea.

I'm talking about reports that go to mods. But admins see reports too.

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I've updated the report form so it's relevant to saidit and includes a working link to the site rules. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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Has everyone been fucked in the head and divided into left/right?

That seems to be a thing. I'm not sure what to make of your post though. Lack of detail isn't helping.

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Thinking the same.

Saidit is gaining traction with folk coming over from Eddit, won't lie there - I'm one of em.

However a site is only as strong as it's users, and so far I've seen exactly one user like you described since I signed up. Don't vote on em, report if it breaks rules, move on. Tis only the internet mate ;)

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Don't vote on em, report if it breaks rules, move on.

That's what I intend to do, but I think it's fair to engage others and give them at least one chance to explain their views. Polarization happens when discussion fails.

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Oh yeh, bit of the ol back and forth if in the mood of course. Nothing wrong with that.

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Why do you call it "Eddit"?

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Because they "edit" everything. Took me a while to get it too, lol

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That, and the CEO got caught out editing users comments.

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Oh yeah u/spez lol. If he posts to saidit I'll edit his comments haha. Not really, but it'd be funny

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Omg please do that!

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Yes noticed the same thing. Kind of wonder if those are from accounts coming from Reddit or from Voat.. though I guess they'd be Reddit rejects either way.

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Reddit, Twitter and other sites have made people too comfortable with censorship. They aren't accustomed to having their bubbles popped. There are many people in the world who don't think like you (or me), and those ideas may seem "extreme" upon first exposure. I think jalapenos and ghost peppers are "extreme" in their hotness, but that's just because I didn't grow up eating them.