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I saw this about a week ago and wasn’t sure if I was either just lacking sleep and seeing things, or running into a honeypot. I’m glad neither, because I missed that old website that started with an ‘R’. The one we must not speak of lol.

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Froglich checking in.

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You mean that site that went tits-up about four years ago? I've heard of it. Now you are in the right place. It is your community so make it what you want. — Not that I have any official or unofficial mandate to make decisions or proclamations for this site.

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What about controversial topics? For example, /r/hookers on Reddit was banned, even though no porn was allowed. Would a forum like that be allowed here?

I didn't post much in /r/hookers, but I do post in /r/sexworkers, which is still up for the time being. I'd like to direct /r/sexworkers here, out of fear that reddit will ban them too at some point. I'd also like to revive /r/hookers (which was more on the client side, than the provider side).

The topics here will give you an idea of the likely content of both forums:

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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Basically, as long as it's not going to cause legal trouble to saidit, it's fine

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Thanks! The problem is that it's hard to say whether it will cause legal trouble. Congress recently passed regulations called FOSTA/SESTA which create an exception to Section 230 that means website publishers would be responsible if third parties are found to be posting ads for prostitution — including consensual sex work — on their platforms. You can read more about it here:

Reddit closed a bunch of sex work related subreddits as a result, although they weren't especially consistent about it. They closed /r/hookers and /r/escorts, but /r/sexworkers and /r/sexworkersonly are still up. However, none of them allowed advertising. (In my opinion, Reddit closed /r/hookers and /r/escorts because they emphasized the client side, whereas /r/sexworkers /r/sexworkersonly emphasize the provider side).

IMHO, FOSTA/SESTA will eventually be struck down in the courts as an unconstitutional infringement on the first amendment. However, it may take a while for that to play out in the courts. Until then, there's legal uncertainty around the issue.

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Interestingly, /r/asktransgender probably still has dudes giving hormone pills to minors.

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Thats messed up

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2 years later is really messed up.

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I don't intend on breaking the rules for any particular reason, for good, bad, or mischievous giggles, but I am curious about the process and what happens. I would expect that terrible stuff (porn, child porn, drug sales, gun sales, etc) would be deleted upon discovery, logically. But what about the grey area. Do folks get to re-edit their work, discussions and debates occur, warnings given, strikes, limits, etc?

I'm new to voting forums so I'm reading up here and elsewheres.

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We give warnings unless you're doing something obviously bad. Odds are you'll never interact with this system.

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Thanks for this, nice work

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Ur gay lol ban me

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Can I make random comments in random threads that make little or no sense? ;)

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As long as you are at least trying to make them make sense ;)

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Just joined!

This site looks great :)

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    Glad you like it! Nice to hear feedback

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    What's your policy on doxxing and death threats?

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    I like these rules. So simple.

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    I think we should post the sub creation restrictions somewhere... multiple people have asked about it.

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    i see! sweet.

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    I get an error trying to create an account

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    It works for me, you might be trying to do it too fast, since you already have an account

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    It did work but gave me an error message making me suspect that it did not. Thanks

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    Wow, why did my sub just get banned? You're supposed to be all about free speech, so how about being open about the exact rule that creating a sub titled "Pedophilia: it means child LOVE" violates? How is anyone supposed to discuss pedophilia and the right of children to have sex if no one can ever talk about it, even on websites that purport to be all about freedom of speech?


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    It's obvious we banned it because you're promoting sex with children. Pretty easy to figure out.

    You weren't "talking about it" you were actively promoting it as an unquestionably good thing. We don't want or need that on saidit.

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    Maybe we should just ban the sole post that was sexualizing minors and leave the sub open? Not that anyone wants to police the sub for the next post that comes from this user.

    The sidebar content is another relevant concern tho.

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    No dude the guy who created it showed his intent. Unless you want to leave a space to let someone else come along and promote the sexualization of minors in a month... but what's the point in that? Makes more sense to nip it in the bud to me, rather than create all these possible points that we'll have to continually police when we know how they're going to go anyway because it's in the sub mission statement. That's how I see it. I see absolutely no benefit to leaving it open, and a whole bunch of huge pitfalls. So it just makes sense to close it. Nothing good can come of this place.

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    Yeah that's totally fair. It just seems like maybe a future pattern to be aware of, where one toxic user can run a topic/sub name for everyone else for forever, since now the sub is banned. With this sub in particular, I can't think of a positive use for it (pedogate exists), but maybe we being weary of users sabotaging whole topics is good.

    Maybe I'm full of it and it's a false dillema since someone with different intents can come make pedophilia2.

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    where one toxic user can run a topic/sub name for everyone else for forever, since now the sub is banned.

    That's a fair point. And were it a more established sub with a wider variety of users, like CringeAnarchy, then you're absolutely 100% right. But given this particular user, the fact he created the zoophile sub and posted about "loving horse cum" or some nasty shit today, and then immediately created this pedophile sub, with an openly pro-pedo first post in it... the guy is clearly trying to fuck with saidit, and this sub is an extension of that. That's how I see this situation.

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    So you're only allowed to be anti-pedophilia when you make a sub about pedophilia? How is that respecting free speech?

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    I think a neutral or anti-pedopholia sub would be fine here, but sexualizing minors is another story. This is not an absolute free speech site.

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    Clearly, because "sexualizing minors" is something you're accusing me of doing apparently which is funny since how is the topic of child sexuality not ever "sexualizing children"? How can someone have a discussion about whether or not children should be allowed to have sex (like many of them do in reality, like I did when I was a kid, but everyone hides it) when by the mere discussion of that topic, all those involved are "sexualizing minors" which apparently is something that is against SaidIt's rules somehow even though it's literally not one of the rules? This is the exact text of my sub:


    For the discussion of topics related to pedophilia and child sexuality, not a place to discuss the ethics of pedophilia as a whole. Examples include discussing current laws and rights (or lack thereof) that children have to be sexual beings, issues that effect pedophiles, and issues that effect children who are or would be sexual if given the chance.


    1. Don't dox yourself. Exercise caution with any information you post about yourself. The term "pedophile" is largely equated with "rapist" by many media outlets rather than the original meaning of the term, so put on some armor. This is the sad reality we face and changing public opinion about kids having sex is one of the main reasons this sub exists.

    2. Be very cautious when it comes to discussing or admitting any real events in your life which may be illegal in your country. If discussing any past events, keep in mind how the statute of limitations works if it exists in your country.

    3. No porn is allowed due to both SaidIt's rules as well as the laws in many countries.

    4. Play nice! Name-calling, mud-slinging, and other aggressive attacks accomplish nothing when trying to have a progressive discussion that should be helping yourself as well as other readers, so doing that is against the rules.

    Okay, so what is it exactly in there that you object to? That the sub's rules is against allowing discussion of the ethics of pedophilia as a whole? Lots of subs on here have rules that tries to focus the sub onto specific rules. I can make a sub titled "Banana_Advocacy" where one of the rules is to not get into the discussion about whether or not bananas are good or bad, or if someone likes bananas or not, but instead keeping the topic about the enjoyment of bananas. So why would in the case of my sub focusing the topic be a no-no?

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    This is objectionable, along with parts of the post you made.

    and issues that effect children who are or would be sexual if given the chance

    This is sexualizing minors.

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    So advocating for children having sex is against SaidIt's rules? Which rule # is that? Really curious to find out your answer. You do know that in many countries, children as young as 12/13/14 can have sex legally with adults, right? But all children who have sex with other children are by definition pedophiles, too.

    What kind of website is this? I thought it was all about the freedom of speech, yet you're saying you're not even allowed to talk in favor of certain things? Which rule is that? How in the hell is someone supposed to make points about why there's nothing wrong with children having sex if you're not allowed to even talk about children having sex?

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    If you don't like the rules of saidit, you're free to leave.

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    I signed up for your shitty site just now after reading this subthread just to say that your position on this subject is laughably retarded and pathetic. And no, for the record, I'm not a pedo.

    But not allowing people to express mere viewpoints just because you don't approve of them makes you just as bad as reddit or any other conglomeration of SJWs. You should feel absolutely ashamed of yourself for trying to promote this site as a reddit alternative when you're pulling the exact same shit as them (if not worse shit, as you're allowed to express pro-pedo viewpoints on reddit as long as you don't say something like "This 8 year old is hot.").

    I truly pity your lack of intelligence, circumspection, and philosophical depth. I genuinely believe that you probably want to create a better alternate to reddit, but you are clearly incapable of it. It's too bad you are too blinded by your emotional biases to follow through on any sort of principled behavior. Weak, unscrupulous men like you are the cancer that is destroying the West.

    What a joke you and this site are. Do not promote this site ever again as a venue for free thought, expression, opinion, or speech unless you want to be guilty of false advertisement and earn the karma that liars have coming to them.

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    If saidit makes you this angry, then why are you here writing paragraphs? Goodbye.

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    I'm just putting the issue on record so I can be sure to point out your site's lack of freedom of speech and opinion for any who might consider using it in the future, so I can steer people away from it. Goodbye indeed and enjoy your dead circlejerk, faggot.

    PS: All of your responses to the arguments in this subthread have been far lower on the pyramid of debate than the posts you're responding to, meaning that by your own logic you should be banned. But of course the rules don't apply to you, do they?

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    Calling a sub "pedophilia" does not violate any of the rules. My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with children having sex, and you're saying that opinion is not allowed to be on SaidIt. The Greek term literally means "child love". Children who have sex with other children are pedophiles, it's extremely common. If you're suggesting that the only sub title you will allow about pedophilia must be titled "anti-pedophilia" then of course you're not at all about the freedom of speech. How the hell are we supposed to discuss pedophilia and the right of children to have sex in a neutral way when you shut down that discourse even on a pro-free-speech website? You want me to title it "Child_Sex" instead? "ChildSexualityAdvocacy"? What the hell am I supposed to call it that would be OK by your standards? Nothing, because you're banning anyone who thinks kids should be allowed to be the sexual beings that they are and that I myself was when I was young?

    I'll also throw in here that "zoophilia" is illegal in various forms in various states and countries too, yet I don't see you banning that sub which you can easily claim is also "advocating" for zoophilia.

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    Why is this something you want so desperately to talk about? Are you not an adult yourself? Why the fixation? Why create a whole sub about it instead of just a thread? Why also create the sub zoophilia, which is about having sex with animals? You want both?

    You seem here to cause trouble, rather than have any real discussions about anything. The ruling is final, we're not going to have a pro-pedophilia club, even by your absolutely strange definition of pedophilia

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    Why is this something you want so desperately to talk about? Are you not an adult yourself? Why the fixation? Why create a whole sub about it instead of just a thread?

    The line of questioning is beyond mattering because literally anyone is allowed to create a sub here about any topic they're interested in, or so I thought. Do you treat everyone with this line of questioning about giving the reasons for them making their subs? So, what I'm about to say doesn't matter because subs need no justification to exist besides someone being interested in them, but here goes: I am very interested in the right of children to have sex with others just as I'm interested in the right of non-human species to have sex because that's the moral position if you care about others. Anti-sexuality is evil and hurtful, it's standing against love and bonding. Sex is normally a good pro-social loving bonding activity that everyone should have the right to share. Someone pleasuring themselves or someone else is good as long as everyone involved is happy and safe. I've been having sex since I was five years old, and it was wonderful, yet prudish adults wanted to punish and stop me from sharing those wonderful things with many many others. That was abusive and wrong of them to stop someone from sharing wonderful loving fun things together. Finally, the reason why it's so important is because many countries in the world today have made horrible laws against all kinds of sexuality including homosexuality, zoosexuality, pedosexuality, or even banning all sexuality, and that only causes all sorts of problems, namely sex trafficking, rape, and murder (due to it being illegal and thus being risky). Just like drugs should be legalized, sex should be legalized too.

    And that's just for starters.

    Why also create the sub zoophilia, which is about having sex with animals? You want both?

    The zoophilia sub already exists, and what do you mean "You want both?"? It doesn't matter what I want, but obviously the creator of that sub and those who have posted on it so far wanted it.

    You seem here to cause trouble, rather than have any real discussions about anything. The ruling is final, we're not going to have a pro-pedophilia club, even by your absolutely strange definition of pedophilia

    So Rule #4:

    Don't be unliked by a moderator, because then they can accuse you of wanting to cause trouble and ban your sub.


    Again, name one rule that violates anything that I've done in creating a sub about child sex advocacy, because you have no grounds for accusing me of "wanting to start trouble" nor is that against the rules anyway and you're just making accusations about my motivations that are completely untrue.

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    We made our decision, you know the rules now. It's final. You are more than free to leave if you disagree with how saidit is run.

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    SaidIt is all for free speech as long as you never suggest that children should have the right to have sex like they already do have in many countries at various ages, then it's not. Please update your rules, then, so you don't waste people's time.

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    "No sexualization of children" has been added as a part of rule 2. I'm surprised it even needed to be said at all as it seems pretty implicitly obvious, but here we are.

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    So discussing children being allowed to have sex or child sex laws etc is all "sexualizing children", got it, okay, yeah just keep making that set of rules bigger and bigger once you think of more topics you don't like. Good job shutting down discourse of super important issues that cause super important problems like child sex trafficking all because children having sex is illegal in many places. Way to stand up for the children.


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    I am standing up for children, that's why I did it. Anti-pedo discussion is allowed, but that's not what you were doing. Bye.

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    This is terrible! That pyramid of debate is like going back to elementary school where they taught you lies with "facts" and if anybody called it out, then they made you wear a dunce hat for not conforming to the norms.

    No thanks! I'm going to be leaving soon.

    I think a lot of these social media sites (if it hasn't happened already) are better off being propaganda havens for a government branch utilizing AI and deep learning to script themselves for generating content and inputs. Real humans wouldn't beat around the bush and stick to such an artificial format in order to express themselves.

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    So you're leaving saidit because it doesn't have enough propaganda and you hate having to argue your point clearly and intelligently? Good riddance.

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    Also, do you have a mechanism for importing a sub-reddit into said-it?

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    We've been thinking of developing something like this, that would take the top 5 posts from a subreddit for the day and post them to saidit. But I suppose we could also develop the ability to import a whole subreddit, I hadn't thought of that before.

    Is that something you would use.

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    It would be ideal if there were a script that could regenerate a closed subreddit from Google's Bigquery:

    I would use it to regenerate the /r/hookers and some of the other sex work-related subreddits.

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    I've read these rules and by no means do i feel i broke any of them I'll see you all soon

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    i still dont understand about pyramid

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    If you bring discussion up to higher levels on the pyramid, you're valued. If you consistently bring it down, then you'll get banned. Let me know if there's anything else I can clarify

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    How is this site any different from reddit, if both are following US law and under it, all the things we hate reddit for are technically applicable here. Or is it just the demographic/political divide? So that the cucks and SJWs stay there and we can have a more like-minded discussions? Will this place be the same and just as targeted by all sorts of faggots if it grows and becomes simply more known to attract them?

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    Lol at literally changing the rules in order to silence opinions you don't like. How pathetic. What ever happened to the pyramid of debate? If you're specifically barred from taking a certain side in an issue, no true debate can happen at all.

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    If you want to promote pedophilia you'll have to go to a different website, sorry. Not a lot to ask. How interesting you're also the other mod of Zoophilia.

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    I think you got yourself a bit confused. I created r/zoophilia and was always the only mod. Yes, that other user is a friend of mine, but that's irrelevant. I'm also pro-pedophilia, and was really looking forward to having some rational debate about it here. I was gonna create a sub called sexual-morality, or something for frank discussion of zoophilia, pedophilia, and other such issues, but if I wouldn't be allowed to share my actual opinions (because that'd be 'promoting pedophilia,' I guess I can't do that.

    Yes, I'm aware that s/pedophilia wasn't going to be for that kind of discussion, neither is s/zoophilia, that's why I was gonna create another sub for the big issues themselves. The specific subs (at least s/zoophilia) were always going to be to discuss specific issues to do with the paraphilia(s). In much the same way a conservative sub wouldn't really be the place to discuss which political "side" is right, and that might be more the place of a "politics" sub. That was my plan, at least.

    I can't speak for [the other user], but he seems to have pretty similar ideas to me.

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    What happens when sub mods ban people for reasons other than breaching the pyramid of debate rules? Ie. censoring divergent opinion within their subs?

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    We're about to release a set of moderator rules, but basically they would lose their moderator privileges on the whole site permanently

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    Just to be clear, that poster called me a liar in a comment after refusing to read or comprehend any of the replies they were provided, then created a post that directly called me a liar again. When posters call me a liar I'm going to ban them. Let me know if this is not ok, thanks. To make matters worse, that poster then lied about the interaction, just for the record. You can review the mod logs in s/hydrogen if you'd like to see what happened.

    [–]magnora7[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Thanks for the information. I think your ban was legitimate then, because he was the one to drag discussion on the pyramid of debate in a downward direction.

    [–]irltruthbombs 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    What is the policy regarding organizing raids on other sites?

    See here:

    This is the new sub which recently resulted in this site being targeted for DDOS attack. Do raids like this present legal concerns, or are you at all concerned with the negative attention this may attract?