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I go by the premise:

A wise person listens 3 times more then they talk., don't expect much more content from me.

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." - Bertrand Russell

I say speak up!

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

What makes u think I'm a good man? ...or even a man? ...or human? Didn't usaw my username??

Also, since I have the attention of the great magnora7, I need to ask u something. Can I change my username?

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You seemed to think you are wise, so I was leaning in to your self-description.

There's no way to change your username, but you can make another one if you want.

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You seemed to think you are wise,

Trying to be... and mostly pointing out that a lot of the content I see is from people who should read more and post less, as it isn't of great quality.

There's no way to change your username, but you can make another one if you want.

Can I at least use the same e-mail?

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as it isn't of great quality.

Then you should post stuff and increase the quality! I truly mean that

I think you can use the same email, never tested that before but I think it should work.

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Then you should post stuff and increase the quality! I truly mean that

I'll try, but making quality posts takes time and I'm lacking on that department :(

I think you can use the same email, never tested that before but I think it should work.

I'll give it a try

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Tried it, and most usernames I wanted were already taken, :(

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Ah, it happens. The one you have is good :)

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( ( ( S P E A K U P ) ) )

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What are you getting at here with this comment exactly?

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Only two of those are people I would've expected to be on that list. I think the issue is probably that /s/all is dominated by content that hardly anyone is interested in, which means that others leave. We haven't got 9.5k users. We've probably got less than 100.

The solution to this, however, remains the same as your conclusion. Post more, comment more and vote more.

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Isn't reddit like this also, on a larger scale? And wasn't Digg before that? A few people with a copious amount of time on their hands, and no better way to spend it, come to own these aggregation sites.

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Yep. A 70-30 split doesn't even seem all that bad to me. 95-5 split would be bad.

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All of this raises questions that should be asked about reddit, as popular as it is; what is the value in limiting what we see to what people submit? Before Digg died, they were trying to mainline corperate media into the submission pool, and people saw that as losing independence from big money, but what independence exists in seeing content currated by a few power users? Is the fact that they do it for free proof of virtuous intentions, or objectivity? I think we all know the answer to that. Lately Google News has been better than any aggregation service, the lesser of various evils.

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I hadn't really considered it. It's illuminating though I don't know what to think about it. I just share what seems good enough. Not always great, but if that were the bar then there'd be way few posts in general on SaidIt, including from me.

I don't keep score. Many of my best posts have been ignored. And many of those I'm not invested it may rocket. It's all too arbitrary IMO.

And this is before I even start with bots that I hope will free up resource to do other stuff.

I still don't feel like a Redditor. I'm either seeking out new information (and sharing it), or kicking back with my regulars (and sharing it). And because of the limited and redundant conversations on SaidIt, I force myself to engage from time to time but don't get much from it for the most part. It's like this on Reddit too - you have to sift through all the meh comments to find a real gem.

That statistic would be more interesting if there was another qualitative number there. For example, if a person posts 1000 and 10 make the top 100, that's vastly qualitatively different than a person who posts 20 and 10 make the top 100.

This 71% of the SaidIt wealth being owned by 5 people is funny. But it doesn't change anything about my thinking. And none of these comments here offer any unique insights into maintaining or changing or whatever. It just is.

At best a couple people said they're not into politics or conspiracies - but offer nothing else to turn to. Meh.

On the plus side, before I saw this post, I've decided to follow /s/SaidIt first and above all others ways to view SaidIt content. That's how I stumbled upon this post. I used to rely on Subscribed and was trying to work through Top. I should have done this months ago.

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There's many different ways to Reddit. Some shamelessly repost funnies for the karma, some draft well researched essays and post once a month. A sub like /r/conspiracy certainly values quality much more than quantity. Some subs probably prefer the quantity.

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As many of us do, I have wide interests. I can also appreciate content for a wide array of reasons, and be likewise critical. I post stuff that I feel has at least some worthy content. If I wasted my time I won't waste yours. Initially I was more selective but that wore off within a month or so as the masses were unpredictable and often voted for stuff that wasn't as good as what I'd take lots of time to present. I still don't care about the points and I'd like to be able to rate my votes and my own content if only to indicate how important I think it is. I add A+++ to the really good ones, usually to no effect. Now, if it's not junk, I throw it in to see what sticks. Low effort images and quotes always seem to win.

I used to complain about pooling. It's not changed. And I'm as guilty as anyone of making it worse. Checking the top posts only is a very crude filter, but at least it's a filter. And now I vote for almost everything I look at just to flag it as viewed. Sad. Bigly.

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Most of the posts I see on the front page are political, which I’m not interested in. So, there’s not much for me to comment (or vote) on. Sorry.

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What are your interests?

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Anything but political. But I must say, I rather it be a choice rather than being bombarded with political posts.

There's this one "music" R&B radio station I hear every week at work (no choice but to hear this station), and all I hear is anti-Trump political talk. Whatever, join the club, but they talk so much about Trump, I swear the radio station loves Trump. Anyways, the point I’m trying to make (I think I’m making one, trying not to get off topic), I rather not have to sort through political posts unless I want to see politics.

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Well, if you're interested...

You can add subs together, ie /s/DIY+Sex combines the feeds for you to peruse.

Yesterday I leaned you can subtract too, ie /s/all-OpieAndAnthony .

I recently started this wiki page: /s/SaidIt/wiki/multisubs to help classify and categorize SaidIt for lack of meta-tags. If you make custom multisubs you can share them there.

These are all minus all the politics subs to the end of 2018 /s/all-911truth-Antiwar-Freedom-Geopolitics-greatawakening-LaborRights-LateStageCapitalism-Libertarian-onguardforthee-politics-privacy-Republican-SandersForPresident-Security-The_Donald-WarWatch-WayOfTheBern-WhoOwnsTheWorld-WorldPolitics

The same, simpler, in a markdown link AllWithoutPolitics

These do not remove political subs of 2019, nor conspiracy stuff if you consider that political.

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No clue that was even a thing, will take note. Thanks a bunch.

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Nice one, I was tempted to tell this guy about multisubs too. Somehow we can create and save them in our accounts too.

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That's the second time I've heard that. I wouldn't mind learning more. I'm still trying to find that markdown page. I know I bookmarked it somewhere. Do you recall where it was hidden? I have already started a FAQ thing waiting for the link.

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Okay, how to have a public multisub that is visible on your profile like this!!

  1. Hover over the subscribe button for any sub
  2. Type in a name for your new multisub
  3. Refresh or something, click on the link to your multisub
  4. Now you get a little interface in the sidebar where you can build it out

TIL. Man this feature is hidden/buried.

Markdown official: Markdown wiki page:

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That's a neat trick. I feel like a SaidIt NINJA!


And thanks for the markdown stuff. Added:

I'll add the multi ninja stuff now too.


Also your allmusic is missing some:

But they're called "MUTLI REDDITS". Please rectalfy.

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I've got a bug open already for the bad language, but ty good catch

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Bug open?

Bad language?

I like that the multisubs can be renamed and that it warns you that links to the old name will be broken. I've gotten used to most things with addresses being permanent and not renameable - subs, posts, wikis, pms, even comments get their permalink.

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Nice multisub documentation

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I started with yours and worked it over.

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The rest of the people of saidit should upvote other stuff besides Assange news and conspiracy theories

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we have streams and a cool base who cares about number game

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I really don't know what to say, or what to post. I could show you a pretty cool "nerd's room", but even I'm not that satisfied with it....

Oh, and there'd be enough intel in there that could lead to me being doxed. ;(

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Probably more important to grow the site (more users) than encourage more activity from people already here.

Personally, I can contribute some science/health stuff, but I'm undecided between here and Tildes and don't have the time to post to both. I'm waiting for this before moving from reddit:

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Fuck you and your science.

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You can't tell me what to do. You're not my real dad!