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Thanks for the ideas and the mockup!

I like the funny and insightful being on the same level, so the funny doesn't look like a downvote.

I like the vote numbers too much to get rid of them. Having the ratio might be cool, but might be visually cluttered. Voat shows the upvote/downvote ratio with a colored vertical "progress bar" kind of thing. Maybe something like that would be useful?

Downvote as hide is interesting, not sure what others would think about that. I think some people might find it misleading, but others might like it.

I think we'll keep showing 0 fun or 0 insightful just for clarity, but I see what you mean.

I also think the "comments" link could be more prominent. Maybe we could simply bold it?

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    That's very interesting, it's a bit visually busy but it's an interesting concept to move everything below like that. I'll think about that some more.

    The points are useful because if something has 50 points that means more people care about it than something that has 5 points.

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    I love this horizontal line thing! (Though the implementation needs work.) I'd never thought of that. I tried moving the votes to the right. It didn't work.

    I'd rather see a new line be made for the votes. The things on the current line: "permalink, save, report, reply" as well as the new additional could be customized in preferences regarding how much or little information you want viewed. Also, I'd love the option to have:

    • words ("permalink, save, report, reply")
    • words tinted (slight non-distracting colours)
    • words vibrant coloured (very visible)
    • icons monochrome (small and not distracting)
    • icons colour (as in your illustration)
    • icons custom user-defined (aka themes)
    • options to toggle each individually

    As for voting, I'd like to see it just like IMDb x2 - with 10 stars for your vote, the total average and the number of voted - for both insightful and fun. This may be too much for some folks and they can go to preferences. If they really want they could remove their ranked 0-10 voting option and make it simplified binary for 0 off or 5 average.

    Alternatively, it might be good to put the 2 vote scores under the thumbnail. Especially if they get around to adding the custom size preference for larger thumbnails.

    More alternatively, it might be worth having a secondary little score box, exactly where the expando currently resides, but across the 2 or 3 lower lines, thus pushing the expando and it's line, the next words line, and my fictional 0-10 voting x2 line a little to the right to make room for the score box. One thing I learned testing things justified to the right is that some things need to be anchored in a visually consistent location, like the thumbnail, the score box, and the "comment" option.

    While we're at it, I'd also like to see these features: read/unread, flag/unflag, highlight/unhighlight (saved indicator?)

    In your scenario the percentage doesn't tally those who've looked but not voted, so it makes it moot.

    I've still not used the hide. I don't know if I can unhide.

    Also, it'd be great if you chimed in on /s/SaiditCSSthemes too. It kinda died out. I'd like to get a conversation going there about how to improve the design of SaidIt in a forum. I took it upon myself to develop an "Ergonomix" CSS theme (ie. /s/DecentralizeAllThings/) primarily to make SaidIt easier to read, with a pragmatic colour scheme and touch of style. I have another day or two on it to finish it, with all its pros and cons. I mapped out most of the code to be able to address things I can. I'd like to do another very clean and streamlined mod CSS in the future. But first I'd like to improve SaidIt's CSS. Maybe that's the same thing. I took it upon myself to declare that /s/SaiditCSSthemes might dev a CSS to be used site wide, whether true or not. Unfortunately there are limits to what CSS can do, and rearranging items is not one of them. That's code stuff.

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      Good to know. Thanks.