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We may have a bit of slowness early on while things get settled on the new server, thanks for your patience as the new cloudflare cache builds up and so on.

edit: Also apparently our new CPUs are not quite as beefy as the old ones. I think we might need to upgrade... we're looking in to it.

edit2: Should be better now, CPUs have been upgraded

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thanks for everything you do

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You are welcome, friend :)

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No wonder I feel jet-lagged this morning. Congrats, intrepid saiditsirs!

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It appears that the SaidIt app can no longer load SaidIt properly. Could you maybe look in to that?

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Yup. The CPU upgrade is in the works. Should happen tonight or tomorrow at the very latest. Once that's done we can turn the app back on, our CPU is basically totally overloaded right now at the new server.

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I'm going to have fondue tonight to celebrate, for real :)

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I'll find something handy and fun to do with my Swiss Army knife :)

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oke ill join yeh with some Soy cheece 😄

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    Thanks. That is covered by our WHOIS information and our server registration, in my understanding. Also it appears it's necessary for companies, but not all websites.


    Service providers have the following information easily identifiable, directly accessible and always available for business-oriented, usually paid-for, telemedia:

    We're crowd-sourced and have no for-profit business model. So I don't think that applies to us. But even if it did I think the WHOIS is sufficient in our case.

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      It's only for e-commerce. Read the link you sent me in full.

      In particular, "unfair acts", who offers goods, works or services in electronic commerce...

      In principle, the UWG covers every behavior of a person that is likely to influence competition - that is, supply and demand. It is irrelevant whether it is private or business conduct. For online offers such as websites, it is relevant that they are (1) publicly available and (2) their content or associated behavior may influence competition because (3) there is a link with an economic activity, including that of third parties. "Commercial" or "commercial" of a website is not important in terms of soundness.

      "Electronic commerce" (e-commerce) includes all forms of communication that serve to offer goods, works or services and to promote such offers electronically

      2 and 3 don't apply to saidit because we don't buy or sell anything. We're fine. Thanks for the concern though.

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        We're not an e-commerce site, so the links you gave us don't apply as far as I understand them, because they clearly only apply to e-commerce. I see no reason why they would apply to saidit based on the text you've provided.

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          Well, like I said I appreciate you bringing it up. But

          1) I used the german sites because you linked me to them, and it is a German-language law that applies to 3 different countries.

          2) We do not buy and sell anything.

          1) publicly available and (2) their content or associated behavior may influence competition because (3) there is a link with an economic activity, including that of third parties. "Commercial" or "commercial" of a website is not important in terms of soundness.

          We have no economic activity, including that of 3rd parties. We post news articles already available online and user comments. It's not competing with anything that makes money in the swiss market, nor is it buying and selling a service.

          3) Why didn't you bring this up before the move? The way in which you're presenting this information comes across as concern trolling rather than genuinely helpful behavior, if I'm frank. I worry you are trying to trick me in to posting personal information in a public way, using a law that does not apply to us. Basically trying to trick me in to doxxing myself.

          The moment you can show me a swiss law that actually appears to apply to us, I will take more concern with the issue. Right now you are just throwing lots of random things at me, and telling me I am doomed, and not looking at the actual text of the law in question (which I guess you can't even find?)

          If you want me to take you seriously, then you'll have to find the actual law, and a case of this law actually being applied to a site like saidit. I looked myself and couldn't find anything.

          If we do get in legal trouble for this, which I sincerely think we will not, also it's not like we're banned forever. It's a fixable problem, and they will notify us of it if we are actually in error, which I believe we are not based on my reading of this law.

          I am listening to you. I just don't think this applies to saidit like you think it does. If you have any actual links to the law, and can show it applies to saidit, I'm listening. But I have not seen anything like that so far, because this only applies to e-commerce websites that buy and sell things, and sites that link to e-commerce sites. We do neither. I wouldn't worry about this if I were you. Everything I can find only says this applies to e-commerce sites. We do not make money, we do not have ads, therefore this does not apply to us.

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            It's being worked on, we have to upgrade the CPU before we can turn on the app again. Thanks for the report

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            Social media website is a new anonymous social media alternative to Reddit and Voat.

            Reddit is dying and voat is a mess for various reasons. We've long believed someone should create another version of reddit, so after a lot of talking about it, we finally decided to just do it.

            SaidIt includes new embedded IRC live-chat features, a working RES extension for the website for chrome, and as many other features that are constantly being developed.

            Read the welcome page here:

            5 patrons $45 per month

            Help fund the project if you want to. Peace/Enjoy.

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            Thanks Orangutan

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            ps. chatbox isnt working yet, just incase you diddent notice it...hopeful its not illegal to chat in Swizz 🤒🙃

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            Chat and search are going to be disabled for 12-24 hours because more testing is needed for those and d3rr had to go to bed :) Thanks for being patient

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            oke relax all at time, thanks for info

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            Nice track, thanks :)

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            w00t congrats on the move!