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It depends on what you mean by pedo content.

If you are talking about opinion pieces related to it, I think those should stay, as the ability to voice my opinion freely about this is a mojor reason I like this site so much.

If you are talking about actual child pornography being posted, of course that should not be posted, because that is illegal, could get the site in trouble, and in many, if not most cases, is likely to be unethical. Plus, pornography is not allowed on this site anyway.

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      You shouldn't be traveling alone at that age tho, no offence. Mine are 13 and 15 and no way I'd let them scoot off on an int'l trainride by themselves. I won't say that would be asking for trouble but you're gambling against the house at the minimum, do you see what I mean?
      Edit: I agree on the disconnect between popular morning show lip service and life outside tho

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        I'm sorry. Wasn't trying to generalize, but I did somehow. Kinda curious tho.

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        Try to see it as an annoyance more than a peril. None of those lowlifes are gonna roll you in a carpet in daylight.

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          Wasn't meant as such kiddo

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          Are you referring to the troll posts from yesterday or 'pedo content' in general?