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You should stick to posting on default subs, they have a lot more visibility.

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I've done that also and it's been a great experience. I appreciate the advice and the support!

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Get the fuck over yourself you narcissistic ass. You were gay since the 80's, so, saying you had your "sexual awakening" at 15, that'd mean you're 58. OH MY GOD, imagine being over half a century old and still caring what strangers thought of you. Fucking.pathetic.

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I'm pretty sure you've mixed me up with someone else. I'm 65 and I never said anything about having a "sexual awakening" at 15?? I am gay, and I'm damn proud of it, but I didnt' come out until 24 and, I had three former hetero relationships up to that point. So I've had the best of both worlds, so what? I'm not only not ashamed of it, I'm proud to say I've looked at life from all sides now. From near and far, and still somehow I know I'll never be as pathetic as a bigot like yourself is. So, I think I'll very easily get over any insult you ATTEMPT to hurl at me. : /

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Love how you focused on the least important aspect (since I don't know you, thank god, I don't know your history or age). But you being older makes it even more pathetic how desperate you are for approval from strangers. Will you get over it though? Because validation is why you're on this site :/ :/ :/ :/

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I don't love how ignorant and willfully stupid you are, focusing on the least important and least truthful aspects of why I'm here. But then again, I've learned that it's not worth my time to fight battles with uneducated dolts like you who haven't the wit to engage in meaningul conversation. So long, bye bye. Wallow in your ignorance and eat shit and die for all I care.