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I know, right? Obama was all happy to announce the out of work coal miners were learning to code, but it's an insult to suggest the journalists do the same. Actually, they shouldn't even be called journalists. All they do is tell us what we're supposed to think about a story, and argue with others who bring truth to the table.

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They are functional stooges for the American polit bureau.

Sometimes a rude awakening is appropriate. It unfortunately won't change the media landscape. The MSM still retains is most valuable stooge assets. There's also a fresh population of recently unemployed bootlickers who are desperate to smile like a doughnut (to pay the mortgage).

I truly pity them. They were led to believe that this was a path to success and security (just like everyone else). Most journalists didn't write these things; but likely would have for that promotion carrot (cause if not someone else would).

The corporate system is legalized slavery (with extra steps), and almost everyone is caught in it's web. Myself included.