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TIL Saidit is fucking shit.

How are self-posts without a source allowed?

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Freedom of speech. (-> sincerly: Your judgment).

Open you mind to meta-humor, maybe... then you'll probably can laugh a lot more. I learned to value this aspect of my personality when i worked for a big IT company. Then i finally could start laughing and even valuing mistakes and errors of others and myself.

It only is totally idiotic to search for the splinters in the system when you trying to look through a wooden pole that you yourself installed in front of your eyes.

But i suppose for you in this case it actually is more something like a cellphone-display full of your stains from jerking off to dwarf-porn or something esoteric like that.

You actually do confound your screen with your head.

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Freedom of speech shouldn't mean shitposting anarchy. Content should be relevant to the sub and have some quality. There should be some minimal post modding.

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"Shitposting" just implies your density is divergent.

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Very constructive, you're ignoring my point and just going off on a tangent with pointless arguments and personal attacks, I guess because you don't have anything better to contribute.

It's very reasonable what I'm asking for, which is content of a minimal quality and relevant to the theme of the sub enforced by a moderator. "TIL" should be about factual and interesting infomation, not about shitposts with some kind of shitty wake up call. Wow, I must have set my expectations to high for Saidit.

How pathetic and rotten are you to resort to ad hominem phallacies to make you feel superior instead of adressing my point? I will answer for you: A LOT.

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Is...Is this a real comment? 🤣

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