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"Our" forces? What are "our" forces? US shouldn't be in Syria in the first place. Why are we there? What are we doing? What's the prize when we win? What's our plan to win?

There are no answers to these questions. The actual answer is, "eternal war because it's highly profitable."

We should only fight wars that are in our own interest, and then only fight to win.

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Are you saying it's fine that our troops were "accidentally" bombed because you don't think we should be there?

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They shouldn't be there in the first place. I notice you didn't answer the questions either. Because you don't have any answers.

Just more war. Always that's the answer.

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So it's ok that Turkey attacked us. Good to know you don't support them

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Unpredictable things happen in war. It is chaos. The best solution to make sure US troops come to no harm is to withdraw them entirely. Simply being in a war zone is hazardous, as you correctly point out. You can be bombed by friendly forces, something that the US military has a lot of experience doing. I still haven't heard any answers to my questions about what we're doing in Syria in the first place and what our objective is and what do we get when we win. Because you have no answers.

So we need to go to war with Turkey now? A NATO member? Your solution is more war?

It's so weird to see neo-cons posting somewhere like Saidit. But here you are.

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We're there helping the Kurds fight ISIS. I didnt think that was a secret. But if you're fine with Turkey bombing our outpost and not giving a shit, I guess that's what's to be expected from a Trump supporter.

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ISIS is defeated. The Kurds are anti-Christian commies. There are no good guys in this region, which is why the only winning move is not to play.

But if you're fine with Turkey bombing our outpost and not giving a shit, I guess that's what's to be expected from a Trump supporter.

So what's your solution? Bomb Turkey? Start yet another war?

  1. What are we doing in Syria?

  2. What is our objective?

  3. How will we know when we've won?

  4. What's the prize when we win?

Syria is a worthless desert, not worth a single American drop of blood. America first.

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America first

America first, but when we're attacked then it's tough shit, shouldn't have been there.

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You have no answers to the pertinent questions. Only more war, a war literally no Americans want. Fuck off, neo-con. You spend and spend your credibility on fake weapons of mass destruction, fake baby executions and one day find yourself bankrupt.

It should be obvious that the U.S. making a police state halfway around the world against Toyota truck driving rebels doesn't make any damn sense from a national security perspective. If the middle east got out of hand Europe should have been the first area to pay for and deal with any problems that arose there just by geographical proximity. The U.S. is basically a huge fucking island with virtually no nearby significant threats except maybe drug cartels. When any crime happens detectives look for motive for a reason...the weapons industry has motive for perpetual war for profit.

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You're as fake and intellectually bankrupt as every other Trump supporter I deal with. Come back here when he's carted off in handcuffs, cunt.

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Do you honestly think Turkey deliberately bombed US forces? What would they gain from that?

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The Pentagon has said that the Turkish military should have known we had units there. This doesnt bother you at all, that another country bombed our troops and the president has said absolutely nothing about it?

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I just find it strange that you're insisting this was on purpose when all signs point to it clearly being a mistake. Turkey has been a US ally for 7 decades and both sides have provided crucial support for each other. What would Turkey gain from bombing US forces? You won't find a single benefit. Clearly unintentional.

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if they signed up freely to go to war why be shocked if they might get killed

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US has secret bases everywhere, and secret troops (even working within terrorists). And there are many mercenary troops paid for by the US. The situation is very confusing, and I even think that sometimes US troops attack US mercenary groups.
And then we also have Israel under cover and UK and France and ISICIA.

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OP doesn't want answers he has a classic case of TDS.

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Let em die, dumb enough to sign up, then see how it's dumb, then be deployed to Syria still go, then kill people who have no idea wtf your doing there. I'll take the cage.

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The latest videos aired by ABC (and just deleted, lol) are from a Kentucky gun range