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They're all furries too. That discord employee allthefoxes was one of them (and he still has alts and took over /r/yiffinhell with one of them).

And if he did any actual transitioning he wouldn't be able to masturbate like this.

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I mean if they got a neovag they wouldn't be able to keep sitting in shit either because they be dead from sepsis within a week.

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I doubt he did, because then he wouldn't have his dick to jerk off with, thus defeating the whole purpose.

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furries being so popular is an example of the brutal dog pill

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Furries scream "it's a fandom not a fetish," but I rarely see anything labeled furry that's not either something fetish-related or the 12 year old Warrior Cats fans they prey on. Under their definition of "it's about liking animals" almost everyone would be a furry, but there's clearly more to it.

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I seem to remember someone did a survey and 95% of male furies used it for mastubation. It's just the women who are delusional and think it's about the art.

Come on! I've never seen such shitty, stupid artwork in my life.

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Oh the women are just as kinky, assuming they aren't really male larpers. Women aren't asexual, they're just able to control their urges. Which is something furries obviously don't do.

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I think it was more because the women were actually more likely to be girls, 12-16. The adult women were obviously more into the sexual side. As in the trans cult the girls use it to hide from sex and the boys use because their want more sexual attention.

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the 12 year old Warrior Cats fans they prey on

Ah the memories...

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It's about liking anthropomorphized animals. So ofcourse it's all either loser grownass adults who are obsessed with cartoons, kids following the loser grownass adults who are obsessed with cartoons, and weirdos who wish they and/or their girlfriend had a tail like a cat and could do weird sex stuff with it.

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It's almost all the third category, they just won't admit it for some reason. I don't even consider the other two furry, they've been duped into it.

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I heard the new batch of reddit admins all use new fresh baked accounts so we don't know they're trans pedos. They may have snuck "Aimee" back in.

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This is funny because you couldn't sneak that big lump in anywhere irl.

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They always make such terrible fascimiles of women. I think they deserve compassion more than scorn, as individuals, for they are mentally ill, as are many of us, although thankfully not in a gender bending pedo way. And yet still I feel we must take a firm stance against propagating this as acceptable.

Totally off topic, but do you know if anyone still remembers Wendy James from the Transvision Vamps in Britain?

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I'm sure they're mentally ill but they're mainly perverts who want an excuse to display their fetish in public. Gender dysphoria is an awful and debilitating condition, it's not something to be happy about. The fact that they treat it like a gift and don't seem to suffer any distress pretty much gives away that they just want an excuse to get into the womens' room or have some other motivation.

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What does this have to do with TumblrInAction?

Take your rant to s/WatchRedditDie or s/MeanwhileOnReddit

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It has to do with trans pedophile mods taking down their sub because they dared "invalidate" treegender.

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True, but is that what this sub is about? Is it for the personal rants, or is it for the lulz about social media idiocy?

I mean, I dare say that the OP would be a fair subject to be featured in this very sub.

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If you think that this post should be featured here, then you're the one who doesn't know what this sub is about. You think you can just come to any sub and start ordering people around? You've been on a power trip this whole time and it's sad because you're just a mod of a tiny sub that hardly gets any interaction. You must be bored because you censor that place to the extreme. It's worse than our reddit sub when it was still up.

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Wait until they realize that calling tree or cat or something a gender invalidates those things' genders.

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I had a stroke reading this.

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If the snowflakes read it we could probably hear the gears screeching to a halt in their heads.

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This ruling is so broad that if they actually apply it fairly (unlikely), they'd have to take down a metric fuckton of subs.

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They already don't apply it fairly

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Maybe we could try pressuring them by mass reporting?

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Say hello to the banhammer then

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Interesting OP said that, A comment I made this morning got my account banned. A account that was 18 days old. it seems like the snowflakes hate it when you point out a fact. A well documented fact.